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  2. Usagoal's Engine build thread

    I just left my shaft in place without the gear on it. There is a front retainer plate to hold it in place. No need to plug the oil hole. I just don't care for the rougher idle, more personal preference than anything, but definitely not worth ripping the front of the motor apart to reinstall the drive gear,
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  4. Usagoal's Engine build thread

    I havent done my build yet, but no research or acquired engine knowledge tells me any reason to keep it.
  5. Complete 5 speed swap

    Oh wow, that's awesome... Always thought it'd be cool to have a 5 speed in my Z! GLWS
  6. Complete 5 speed swap

    Pulled from a 99 ZR2 Blazer. Tranny shifted great. Friend just wanted an auto. I have the trans, flywheel.newer clutch, all hydraulics,pedals, complete engine wiring harness and ecm. Asking 500 for it all. Local pickup preferred. Located and hour south of St.Louis
  7. Bravada shaft and tube

    Pulled from a 99 Bravada. 100 plus the ride or local pickup. Im an hour south of St.Louis. Also have the AWD transfer case.
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  9. Usagoal's Engine build thread

    I know jderekt had issues with his balance shaft delete. Did you have better luck?
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  11. Early 30th bday present to me

    Heading to Glamis again in the morning, and have some little upgrades. $37 china rigid off amazon, and axia mounts that were more than the light. Axia mount for the baofeng VHF New inner cv races and boots from RCV I absolutely annihilated the GKNs that were in it. I think i may have had the clocking way off.
  12. Usagoal's Engine build thread

    Have the rotating assembly balanced and delete the balance shaft. The oil holes for the balance shaft journals will need to be plugged, but that shouldn't be a big deal.
  13. How 'bout some forums for the "new" Colorado ZR2

    Ah, well...I bought my '99 Blazer from Tom along with a '12 Corvette and the purchase experience was always good, but since my Wife went to work at a Chevrolet-Cadillac store, the price she gets is better than what Tom could do for me.
  14. How 'bout some forums for the "new" Colorado ZR2

    Ah, well, I bought my 99 Blazer from Tom along with a '12 Corvette, but since my Wife went to work at a Chevrolet-Cadillac store and gets the GM employee price, that's the better deal.
  15. ZR2tooo's LS build. VID

    Sounds good man!
  16. Usagoal's Engine build thread

    Will do. I dropped off the crank, block and heads to the machine shop last night. I will know in the next day or two if I the block needs boring or honed. If I need new pistons that means I'll should get the rotating assembly balanced. From what I've read, there have been some debates on balancing. If pistons are same weight or within 15 grams....then its not needed. I'm not an expert in that field at all but I know enough that engine internals should be balanced for longevity. Then the articles go on about not just balancing with weight of the pistons/rods, but also the flywheel and crank pulley. It's taking alot to sort through everybody's opinions, facts and reasoning. On one hand it is NOT a high performance race motor....however I don't want this thing to shake and fall apart 10k miles later. I will spend the money to do it as long as it gets done correctly. This shop I used in the past and they do a pretty good job and prices are reasonable. I had a DOHC head rebuilt, decked and cleaned for about $250(I think). Just to clean the block/heads and measure bores and head he only wanted $80. The other shop wanted $150 just to wash the block alone. I will be away for a week visiting Mickey Mouse, so I won't have more updates until I get back or the machine shop calls back. Keep those comments coming!
  17. Usagoal's Engine build thread

    Let us know how the ride is after. I might still do mine one day just to get a skosh more lift.
  18. Usagoal's Engine build thread

    I plan on going with energy bushings. The oem are so shot right now and I will probably end up repairing some of the mounting pads.
  19. How 'bout some forums for the "new" Colorado ZR2

    can't wait to see those!! How soon before he lets you tear into the upgrades??
  20. Welcome back, it's been a couple of years since you posted! You'll love the new ZR2, it's a little bit of an improvement over your Highrider!
  21. Basic Rear Diff Swap/Rebuild

    New to the forum, need some advice. I have a 98 ZR2 and it sounds like it needs a new rear diff or a rebuild. Most likely the 8.5" ring gear, 30 spline axles (as is most common for the 98+ ZR2s). Haven't taken it apart yet, so I'm not sure. The gasket is leaking and it makes a humming/vibrating noise when moving but obviously only once per rotation. I've had it sitting (3rd vehicle, mostly a project) and haven't driven much since. I know there are various options/diagnoses but I haven't worked with rear diffs and am looking for solutions/suggestions. Is it possible the fluid is just low and it needs a replacement gasket and fluid? If it's not just the fluid and the rear diff needs to be pulled, and considering I'm on a budget with limited space and tools, is it best to: buy a used rear axle from a ZR2 buy any old rear end from an S10 replace the rear end with a similarly sized model (Ford 8.8 rear end looks like it would fit on paper) rebuild the rear differential with new internals (seems like I would need a professional shop for this?) Any comments could help. I'm fixing up this S10 on a budget as a gift to the old man, but this was not a problem I expected to run into. Kinda throwing a wrench into my plans.
  22. BFG KO2s vs. Duratracs on the highway.

    I love me some BFGS just have to have the right alignment and rotate schedule in order for them to do Justice
  23. How 'bout some forums for the "new" Colorado ZR2

    I will totally post pics tomorrow of the his ZR2. Its white with the 2.8l Dsl package. Crew cab.
  24. How 'bout some forums for the "new" Colorado ZR2

    Hey yall long time no been on! Holy moly! Well still have my GMZ Highrider!!! Plus got another GMZ highrider in blue. Man will need to post but yet good news is my dad JUST BOUGHTA NEW ZR2 COLORADO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F YA!!!!!!!!!! Now three zr2s In the family me owning two gmz sonomas plus paw owing a new 2018 zr2 yes victory after all these years!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. My voltage gauge, and any OBDII readers show the voltage about 1v low however on the battery or alternator leads its showing 14.2-14.4. Intermittently of course. To start I was getting some flicker so I had the whole system checked by two different part stores and they all test fine. The battery is about a year old and the alternator is still original from 2002. I noticed the harness in the voltage regulator was looking old and with the flicker I got a 4 wire harness (PT1136) and wired up the sense wire. The wires were nice shiny copper where I put the new harness in. My flickering stopped. Since the alternator was original I found a 130amp AD244 at Littleton U-pull and put that and longer belt on. So in (casually) diagnosing I have gone through 2 alternators and the harness. About 2 years ago I did not do the big 3 but instead got replacement cables from Innovative Wiring. So close enough. From the alternator thread a few state bigger guage main wires and bigger alt can cause flickering for which the sense wire resolved. I will get out the service manual and look at the wiring diagrams from here. Thought I would ask in case its an easy fix vs tracing wires looking for oxidation etc. thoughts?
  26. Usagoal's Engine build thread

    Are you going to use the energy body bushings? I wish I had done this when I did my body lift. Gives you a skosh more lift over stock, but ive heard it rides a little rougher.
  27. Usagoal's Engine build thread

    I'm hoping the cylinders can be honed and not bored. It will just add cost. I'll have to ask about the type of valve cuts they can do and how much $$. I did a more detailed degreasing job on the block and cylinder heads this weekend. Used oven cleaner to remove leftover oil and grime - works very well combined with a power washer and hot water (the water evaporates very quickly not allowing flash rusting). I also took the heads to work and bead blasted the rest of the crap off of them. I'd have the machine shop do it...but they may rush through it. I also have pics of some other parts before & after ultrasonic cleaning. Forgive me on harping on this tool, but it is a nice thing to use in the shop. I experimented with different home brew solutions over the past few years and have a nice list of what works with different materials and the crud that is being removed. Next stop is to the machine shop I used a few years back. Its just a timing issue trying to get over there + its 30 miles away. And to make it worse I'm on vacation soon, so everything gets delayed by a week. Once the block is boiled/honed/bored, crank polished/ground and the heads/valves done I can start ordering parts. The machine work is the biggest thing holding me back right now. I guess I can order some other things like energy suspension motor/trans mounts and new body bushings. Anybody know where to get the metal body washers(look like large cup washers)? Mine are pretty rusted and beat up. Anyway, enjoy the pics.
  28. fuel pump failure?

    Thanks a lot.
  29. fuel pump failure?

    Yes, just a simple jumper wire. Both pumps are good as they are both oem parts.
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