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Blue BlaZeR2 93

33/10.5r15 Toyo MT

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Anybody running these tires? Amazon says they weigh around 32.4 bs while the KM2 of the same size is about 46 lbs also according to amazon. Toyo's have an amazing track record and at the same price point and about 13 lbs lighter I think I'm going to be giving these a try especially considering the stock size ko2s are 43 lbs. that's like losing 40 pounds of unsprung weight and still getting a bigger and more aggressive tire.


Would really like like to hear from someone running these on a Z though about their thoughts on them. 


The toyo 



the KM2



31/10.5r15 bfg at ko2 (43 lbs)



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Maybe it's me, but that weight just seems light for a 33. 


I think my 33 Mickey's were around 48/tire. 

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Yeah tried to do some digging and found one forum where a guy mentioned they were close to 60 lbs a tire which seems more in line with everyone saying toyo's are a super heavy tire. Checked their website and they don't list a weight.

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