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Ed's SFA build

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Hi guys. Last spring i decided to abandon the jeep world and buy another ZR2. I wanted to build a rig on tons, and  after having 4 jeep cherokees I decided I needed something with a frame. I started getting everything together to start my build. I currently have a ZR2 sonoma, 79 Ford Dana 60s, ruffstuff 3 link kit and 1 ton steering, 6" grand cherokee coil springs, and 39.5" pitbull rockers that Im hoping i'll be able to mount on some H2 wheels that I have. Last fall I officially started the build. The rear is "mocked up" with the D60 in place. All of the IFS has been removed and the frame has been ground to pretty smooth. At the beginning of the year I was hired by the fire department and the Z went on the back burner. After a long 5 months, I officially finished training. My schedule with the FD is 24on/72off, so I have plenty of time to work on the truck again. My next step is to mock up the links/front suspension. Before I left my old job, I cut out some adjustable coil spring brackets with the CNC plasma table. I based them off of ballistic fab's design. I was talking it over with a few buddies and they all thought that I need to plate the frame where the coils will be mounted. I was wondering if anyone has any input/experience/words of wisdom about a front coil/link suspension. Would you recommend plating the frame? Did you build a crossmember for the links? Any other tips? I have a few pics posted below, more will follow as I progress! Also, does anyone have experience with highsteer on king pin knuckles???



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Looks like a good start man! I'd highly recommend you go through some of the old SFA build threads on here - those guys are wizards at building trucks, and your questions are probably answered in there.

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looks like a good start.  any new progress?  

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