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Looking for best pricing on exhaust. . . .

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So. . . . .I've done my research, and looked through most of the threads on exhaust options and upgrades. I think that I've settled on the JBA shorty headers (1842S), the Magnaflow y-pipe and cat (23139), and the Gibson stainless steel single exhaust (614520). I believe that all of these ought to be direct fit, and that I could exchange them one-at-a-time if needed, swapping in new parts for old until the entire system is replaced.


The question that I have for you guys is, 'WHERE'S THE BEST PRICING ON EXHAUST SYSTEMS?" I've looked fairly extensively, and it seems that almost everyone is pricing these fairly competitively, with a few that are a little cheaper than others, but I haven't found any 'blockbuster' deals out there. I don't mind purchasing different components from different retailers, as I'm not in desperate need to replace the entire system all at once. . . .


Any advice or suggestions on internet retailers, or even brick-and-mortar shops in N. Virginia that have the best pricing??



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