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synergy offroad hidden winch mount

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was surprised to find one of these on my local craiglist. guy was asking $300, obviously used...this is the price for brand new. covered in mud, with holes drilled in the fairlead mount. after a day of haggling with him i finally talked him down. i just dont understand some people. in my mind if i bought something the moment i buy it its used and has dropped in value...in the end i got it for $100 and plus $40 worth of washington's finest. had to drive 2 hours round trip so in the end i may have overpaid for it but its cool. ive got so much going on with my blazer that its worth it to me to not spend the time to make up a template and fab this up for myself, i made a previous winch mount but i dont like the location. now ive got a solid base to modify. i plan to fab a custom winch mount in the near future so this might be up for sale soon. anyone know how body lift afftects the location of these mounts? ive got a 2". if ive got to raise the winch mount 2" from the fame no big just looking for an answer here before i bolt it up and find out its hanging low compared to the plastic valance.

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I made two different versions of the winch mounts. Gen 1 was not for body lift. Gen 2 was for either with or without body lift. If it has two sets of holes to mount the fairleads, you're good to go.

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