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How To 7.25 Dif Rebuild/Upgrade to Iron, LSD and other UGrades

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for replacability, I changed the extension to 1 1/2 dia DOM, welded in bungs and screwed in stcok tie rods

so you basically ditched the BDS heavy duty setup and made your own sleeves?


what exact parts did you use to fab those up?


thanks for your input on my post. build looking awesome.


I would not call the BDS extensions HD.. They are somewhat short on the performance scale. Soon after installing, I snapped the front eye on the carrier, because on some rigs you have to modify the rod end and carrier to clearance, it rotated up and bent the tie rod extension.


So I bought the bungs from speedway, I think they are 11/16, I also bought the lh and rh jam nuts, ordered up a length of DOM, welded in the bungs and called it better than good..I have extra lh and rh nuts (if you want o buy them from me)


Go to post 171 to see a shot of the DOM with bungs before weld with the stock bds extension next to it


how much for the jam nuts shipped to hawaii? 96746? PM me. thanks


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how sure are you on the 11/16 for the bung ends?


are these the correct ones?





thanks again for all the help.

100%, part number on the bag Nut 175-6049-RH 11/16, 175-6049-LH but measure your tie rods to confirm, becaue I heard some s10 had 7/8


the bungs Johnnylaw motors on ebay

HEXBUGL11118 Weld In Bung ~ 11/16 18 Left Hand


just make sure you get 1" ID 1 1/2OD DOM steel


looks like the ones you have selected will work to0..not sure why I ordered from johnnylawmotors, probably was out of stock

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Thanks again vanr for taking point on this one. I’m pleased to announce that I’m now FINALLY a member of the lsd front diff community. I had installed the Torsen in the rear of the van and it was never quite right. I found a new friend in Peter Haney at Ct. Axle in Ellington Ct. 

 worried that the used Torsen I got off of eBay might be part of my problem I splurged on a brand new Detroit Truetrac Torsen style carrier and had it professionally installed. I also brought him the ci front diff and the MFactory Torsen ( thank you sy/ty guys) . 

 Peter did a fine job ( so far as I can tell) on both front and rear Torsen diff installs. I did the front diff swap last weekend along with four new bj’s and two Detroit axles.  I also swapped in the astro shaft and tube in place of the S-10 two piece.  In the limited driving, Maybe 100 miles and five minutes on the power lines I’m happy with the results. 

 So I’m happy to report that I’m the happy owner/builder of a twin Torsened two speed tc’d lifted GMC Safari van. I believe the twin Torsen’s make it unique enough to say its a one of a kind. 

 I came here as a sponsored member ( thank you kevin) in March of ‘14 looking for mad builders and found just what I was looking for. Thanks for making me feel like one of the family. Actually I was so impressed with you all and your passion for your Z’s I bought one. 

 So I will keep you updated as I explore the new found traction capabilities and once again a heartfelt thank you to all who entered into rabbit hole conversations of all the possibilities of solid axled lsd front diffs with the np236. What a brain trust. I salute you all!

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