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best transmission rebuild kit

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My 4l60e in my 2000 silverado lost reverse on me the other weekend :sticksmack: Im looking to rebuild my first transmission and was wondering who makes the best kit? i hear good things about the b&m kit as well as the tci. Would like just a beefed up stock comparable trans. I know people seem to use the beast sun shell and corvette servos and what not. Just curious what company you tranny guys have experience with.


YES i realize its not in a zr2 but its the same tranny for the most part. And NO i do not think its worth it to bring to "someone who specializes in transmission repair". not worth the money.

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I paid a professional. I don't have enough time to keep pulling the trans and putting it back in because I don't know what I'm doing. I am all for learning how to DIY but auto transmissions are not my thing. I'll do just about anything else. Just changing the valve body smelling the burned trans fluid made me want to vomit. I will say that my truck is much more enjoyable after the rebuild. A few thing in my trans:Borg Warner high energy clutches, updated sunshell, precision torque converter, shift kit, vette servos, rebuilt shift solinoids, and a rebuilt valve body. Shifts firm but in a good way. Best of luck to you

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