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Reminder About Posting

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I just want to remind everyone about a couple of things.


1) Please keep any Off-Topic talk in the Off-Topic Forum. I have been noticing a LOT of OT conversations, banter, and BS in the Technical Areas and we would like to keep that to a minimum. That is what we have the Off-Topic Forum for, that way the Technical Information is easy to search and read though for everyone.


2) It seems that people are becoming very harsh to each other, bashing members for questions, etc. etc. That is not acceptable here :readitbish: In fact, it has been brought to my attention that some members have even stopped visiting and posting due to the general negative tone that has developed in the responses/comments in theads. :sad:


The last thing that Rog, myself, and the other Moderating Staff want is for this place to turn into another version of Pirate.



So, (as elementary as this may be), if you can't say anything nice, constructive, or helpful, please refrain from replying. :readitbish: If you are going to take the time to post something like "Search noob, this has been covered 065461 times before" you can just as easily post "You might want to try the search feature or sticky threads - this is a pretty common issue/question" or not even post at all.




This is all part my fault - I should have been moderating things a bit more tightly, and letting members know when they are out of line, so I apologize. I'm going to try and keep a better eye on things, but you guy can always use the "Report Post" button if you see something that you think is out of line, inappropriate, etc.



We will be using the warn feature for members who continue to break the rules, especially once they have been given a reminder.



In the past ZR2USA has been the best place on the internet for anything ZR2 related, and it has been a fun, welcoming, and informative place to be, and I think if we all take into consideration the above comments, it will continue to be that way.




Thanks Guys!




The ZR2USA Administrators and Moderators

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