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Is my front Axle close to dying? Time for Bravada Shaft

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My axle shafts were leaking good. It got about to 50% level once. I replaced the axle seals and they're not leaking anymore. I had some fine greyish coloring to the gear oil. When I removed the axles to replace the seals; I noticed the passenger side stub shaft had a good amount of play in it radially. The stub shaft could easily touch the axle tube housing. Is my slide collar for the axle disconnect close to being smoked? I have a bravada shaft I can put it. I have a dana 44s built w/ 4.56's and detroits. I would like to do some mild 4 wheeling with it this summer and then swap the axles over the winter.


It's been over 1000 miles since I did the work; no problems and used 4wd once or twice to get out of the snow.


Also, which way is less of a pain to do? Gut out the axle extension housing and slap the shaft it; or remove the entire right side axle extension housing and put the bavada assembly in.


The vehicle is a 2005 ZR2 Blazer. I totally forogt what year the bravada axle was.

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You need a 97 and up Bravada shaft.


Any way you go is going to require you to remove the CV shaft on the right side. So you're going to have to mess with the ball joints on that side. after you get the CV out the axle tube can be removed. then you can remove the old junk. install the new tube and slide the bravada axle in. don't forget to remove the clip at the end of the bravada shaft that goes into the cv. It must be removed or you will get some binding on that side.





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