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overhead console help (have been searching)

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I've been searching around trying to figure this out for a few hours, but the console I pulled out of a 2001 astro van, with the trip computer, has only 7 wires that went into the console, it has room for two more, but they are not used, all the diagrams I find, show 8 wires being used...it worked just fine in the astro van it came out of too... The wires it has according to a diagram I'm reading is


7:rap fuse supply voltage

8: ground

9: VSS

10: air temp

11: Instrument panel lamp fuse supply voltage

12: Led Dimming signal

13: Not used

14: Battery positive voltage (THIS is the one I don't have)

15: Trip computer/nav class 2 serial data


Now this is going in my 97 s10, but before I get into it I would like to figure out what is up with my console, why the wiring is different then the others, even though it worked fine in the astro van. Do I need to add the 14th pin connection? or is mine different and doesn't need it??


Also on my 97 I don't have the retained accessory power (rap) so do I just run a regular ignition-on power to this wire?



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its not gonna work in your truck. different BCM and its from a 01. your truck is a 97. only 98+ and pre-98 will work together.

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