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P0452 And P0453...

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Hello, Ever since I got my truck 300Mi ago, I have had the SES light on. I got the codes scanned and got P0452 twice and P0453 twice.


I followed the Trouble tree P0452


It proved that my Fuel Tank Pressure sensor was bad. OR at least that is what i came up with.


I have 5V at the 5V, Ground at the Ground, And with the sensor hooked up, not on the tank, their sensor is putting out 5V exactly at the sensor output. One odd thing is when I fill up, the SES goes off but only for 1 or 2 miles; I also smell fuel for atleast 10mi after.


I am asking if anyone has encountered this, and why the code is stored twice in the ECM.



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Your filler neck is loose The rubber part that goes from tank up to the cap is loose or has a hole in it. You can try tightening it all down and see if that helps. On my wifes jimmy it ended up being that the tank itself had a crack on the pipe that the rubber hose hooks onto.



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This is from IDENTIFIX a case invovling these codes:


Vehicle Description: 2000 Chevrolet S10 Pickup 4.3L, GAS, Vin W, FI, Eng Cfg V6


Mileage: 78562

Customer Concern: DTC P0452 and P0453.


Tests/Procedures: 1. Probe the Dark Green wire at the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) Red connector pin 64, and verify fuel tank pressure readings. Key on with gas cap off it normally is 1.3-1.7 volts.


2. If voltage is outside of specification, then go back to the tank and access the fuel tank pressure sensor. Probe the Dark Green wire again and see if voltage is the same or different.


3. Check the Gray wire to the sensor for 5 volt reference and then check the Black ground wire to the tank pressure sensor, to make sure it is a good ground.


5. If 5 volt reference and ground is OK but voltage on Dark Green is incorrect, then replace the tank pressure sensor.


Potential Causes: Tank pressure sensor

Wiring problem


Diagnostic Codes: P0452, P0453

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One day I went to take it for a drive, and no SES light, and has been off since.


I checked the voltage, and it have a solid 1.4V at the dark green wire, red connector.


Thank you! :judaspriest:

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