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  1. jtr high performance engine mounts

    sold my S-10 and have some brand new JTR motor mounts for sale. Brand new never installed $80 shipped PM me if interested sorry couldn't post in the for sale section so i put it here if admin sees this can you please give me permission to post in the for sale section. just sold my S-10 and have a lot of good parts for sale.
  2. sorry to post here but for some reason i am not allowed to post in the for sale section, i have a sway bar quick disconnect kit brand new made by miles. Purchased years ago when he was custom making them for forum members. Never got to install them and i removed my sway bar completely so i don't need them any more. Brand new with all new bushings $40 shipped or shoot me an offer thanks
  3. Cons of the bravada shaft and tube?

    are there more stress on the CV shafts while turning with this mod? I'm assuming its like having manual locking hubs and never unlocking them correct? do trucks with manual locking hubs require you to unlock the hubs while in 2wd? and if so what is the reasoning behind this? I know most 4wd trucks (including tacomas) have this front axle disconnect system with some kind of collar to connect the axle shafts. the tacoma people say there is more stress on the CV shafts if you are turning with the front axle always engaged. I read something somewhere about needing a AWD transfer case if you have a non disconnected front axle shaft? any thoughts about this anyone?
  4. Front Sway Bar Disconnect Mod

    i have a full set of this custom made by miles himself. never used. converting to sfa so all my goodies are for sale. bravada shaft and axle tube $80 + shipping miles sway bar disconnect brand new $40 + shipping pm me if interested
  5. 1 ton idler bracket

    i have one of these for sale also. son't mean to thread jack but the forum won't let me post in the classified for some reason. $225 shipped. brand new never used bracket, frame pivot, and idler arm (moog) brand new never installed. PM me if interested
  6. 1 ton idler arm adapter

    i have a complete idler arm kit for sale pm me if interested $225 shipped. complete with bracket, frame pivot, and idler arm (moog) lmk brand new never installed
  7. how sure are you on the 11/16 for the bung ends? are these the correct ones? http://www.speedwaymotors.com/Steel-Weld-Bung-for-1-Inch-ID-Tube-11-16-18-RH,33798.html http://www.speedwaymotors.com/Steel-Weld-Bung-for-1-Inch-ID-Tube-11-16-18-LH,1538.html thanks again for all the help.
  8. so you basically ditched the BDS heavy duty setup and made your own sleeves? what exact parts did you use to fab those up? thanks for your input on my post. build looking awesome. I would not call the BDS extensions HD.. They are somewhat short on the performance scale. Soon after installing, I snapped the front eye on the carrier, because on some rigs you have to modify the rod end and carrier to clearance, it rotated up and bent the tie rod extension. So I bought the bungs from speedway, I think they are 11/16, I also bought the lh and rh jam nuts, ordered up a length of DOM, welded in the bungs and called it better than good..I have extra lh and rh nuts (if you want o buy them from me) Go to post 171 to see a shot of the DOM with bungs before weld with the stock bds extension next to it how much for the jam nuts shipped to hawaii? 96746? PM me. thanks
  9. need help finding custom tie rod sleeves.

    thank you vanr talking with outfitters as we speak
  10. so you basically ditched the BDS heavy duty setup and made your own sleeves? what exact parts did you use to fab those up? thanks for your input on my post. build looking awesome.
  11. need help finding custom tie rod sleeves.

    thanks much Vanr. did you get your heavy duty BDS replacement sleeves from outfitter designs or speedway motors? do you remember how long they measured? i know the trailmasters are 14 1/2 inches. anything close would be awesome. at least now i know where to start looking.
  12. hello all, i have a 2003 S-10 ex cab with a suspension lift. anyway my suspension lift has extended tie rod sleeves that measure 14 1/2 inches long. they are bent a little and i want to replace with more heavy duty style. probably need to be custom made. anyone know where i can get some custom tie rod sleeves made for my S-10? it is a non Zr2 but i am sure the tie rods are the same between the regular and Zr2 models. any help would be greatly appreciated thanks
  13. body lift soon do i need new body mounts?

    so after reading around the PA 2inch bodylift seems to be the best. any comments on truck bed loading capabilities after the bodylift is done? same load capability as stock, or, less weight carrying capability because of the body lift. thanks for all the input so far.
  14. New Rough Country 6" Suspension

    has anyone tries this lift yet? i have a non Zr2 S-10 and have a trailmaster 5" right now but i want to switch to the RC! when i bought the truck it already had the trailmaster. the RC says frame cutting is needed, the trailmaster also requires frame cutting. i'm wondering if the cutting that was done for my trailmaster will allow for the RC to bolt on? anyone try this kit yet? CV angles look real good and might be able to use the 1 ton idler?
  15. body lift soon do i need new body mounts?

    so it wouldn't be a bad idea to change body mounts when i add the body lift...

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