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  1. O2 Sensor Replacement

    That's why I like using the brass tipped cap/rotor assemblies. If that's what yours looked like after only 55k, I can just imagine what mine looks like, with 85k! I guess I will spend the money, and replace these! Thanks for sharing the pictures. John
  2. O2 Sensor Replacement

    Well, if that's the case with the spark plugs, then according to you, I really messed up! Right after I bought it, I put in Bosch Platinum +4 plugs. I've used Bosch in just about everything I own, I even have the single platinum's in my garden tractor! I'm not 'OEM brainwashed', or 'brand loyal' (except for oil). I'm not afraid to try something, and if it works good, I keep using it! So, when I do change the cap/rotor, I'll try these parts, but use the OEM screws. John
  3. O2 Sensor Replacement

    I realize this thread is getting dated, but I wanted to ask about the cap/rotor again. I personally like using caps with the brass tips, as they last longer. Autozone actually has a cap/rotor combo that has the brass tips/contacts. Here is the link: http://www.autozone.com/autozone/parts/Gol...601_6295_45590_ I know most of you guys are 'anal' about using OEM, but what is wrong with something like this? Even if I use the original equipment screws? Just asking. Thanks, John
  4. 2002 ZR2 Blazer For Sale

    I now have my "Z" listed on Ebay. There are a lot more pictures of it in there. I spent all day cleaning it, and now it's snowing again! DAMN!! Here's the link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/2002-Chevy-...7f#ht_500wt_975 Better get it while it's clean! John
  5. PO440 code

    Well, I guess I spoke too soon! Wife told me the 'check engine' light came on again! Was too busy working on my van to hook up the scanner. Will do that tonight, but since the gas gauge is at a quarter, I'm pretty sure I know what it is. John
  6. O2 Sensor Replacement

    Two small torx srews on each side of the cap, and two small torx srews holding down the cap. They are real easy, takes about 5 minutes. And yea the o2s are accesable from the bottom. THANKS!!!
  7. O2 Sensor Replacement

    Yes the cap and rotor are replaceable, make sure you get a delco though. And the plugs are easier to change on the zr2s than the reg s-series, since the frame is wider there seems to be a little more room. And if you think these are bad try changing the plugs on a 4th gen f-body, it can always get worse. Yep, I know that! I watch Spike TV, and all the car shows every weekend. I see them with their Camaro, not envying them at all! They can keep that! How bad is it to change the cap? Is it like the 'old' cars, with the 4 'screws' that twist? I've never done a newer car like this before (can you tell?). I've had a "No 1 cyl misfire" code come up before, and now am wondering if the cap isn't the culprit. Also, I asked "Bobbing", but I don't think he's on. Do you get to the O2's underneath, or on top? The damn things are $53.00 ea at O'Reillys. I better see some improvement! John
  8. O2 Sensor Replacement

    Thanks on the 22 mm tip, as I don't have one! I'll have to buy the wrench, before I even try it. When you say "torch", can that also mean a propane one? I don't have a 'real' one! Will propane do the trick? Do you change them on top, or underneath? John
  9. O2 Sensor Replacement

    Yes you only need to change the front two, the post cat o2 does nothing but make sure the ct is operational. GM says that the rear O2 accounts for less the 1% of fuel tuning. And I don't know if you have done a tune up or not but that would also help. These trucks are not race cars but they run better than people say, I figure most people's run like shit since they buy a 5-10 year old truck and do no maintainence and expect it to run 9s. When I first bought it, it had 55k miles on it, and I had to change the thermostat, as when we were driving it home, it threw a code, due to engine not heating up enough. So, when I changed the stat, bought Bosch Platinum +4 plugs, and threw them in. I believe I also changed the wires, but I didn't change the cap/rotor. Does it have a replaceable cap/rotor? I figured it was computerized, so I didn't mess with it. I put +4's in, as I NEVER want to go through that nightmare EVER AGAIN!!!!! Out of all the cars I've owned, that by far was the WORSE one to change plugs on! Taking the tires off, slitting the inner fender, to get to some of the plugs. For me, it seemed like a nightmare. In comparison, the stat was one of the easiest I've ever changed! So, I guess there's trade offs in everything! It's now got 84k miles, and the gas mileage has gone down. When I first bought it, after putting Amsoil in it, the mileage immediately went up 1 mpg, to 17. Now, it is consistent, at 15.5 EVERY TIME! That's why I'm thinking about changing the O2's in it. John
  10. O2 Sensor Replacement

    Thanks, maybe I'll change them anyway. How many are there? I realize that there are probably one on each side, but is there one in back of the cat? Even if there is, does that one really matter? Wouldn't the front ones matter the most? Also, how bad is it to change them? I haven't looked that closely at them. I'm sure that they're not the cheaper 1 wire O2, but rather the more expensive 2 wire system. Thanks, John
  11. 2002 ZR2 Blazer For Sale

    84,000 miles (bought it at 55,000 miles) Price is negotiable. John
  12. Mobile 1 15000?

    X2. I've used them for a year on my truck now, in some weather that you wouldn't believe, and they're still going great. And they're the official wiper of storm chasers (discovery channel). I just use Rain Clear (Amsoil's version of Rain X). I can't remember when I actually used my wipers last! I love going down the road, and seeing the rain just run UP my windshield! John
  13. Mobile 1 15000?

    You can always order it off the internet. That's a shame those dealers don't keep anything in stock, they're just loosing business! I always keep the 'best selling' oils in stock, along with the better selling oil filters. I refuse to keep the air filters in stock, just because there are so many different ones! But, I understand your frustration. I know what it's like, not having what you want on hand! When I want to flush one of my cars, and I don't have a 'cheap' oil filter to use, I also get pissed! If you want help on internet ordering, you can ask. Thanks, John
  14. Mobile 1 15000?

    Sometimes, I'll flush a vehicle just because I don't use it much, even though I have Amsoil in it. My '77 LTD is one of them. Just like some people on here have done with Seafoam. I've taken that engine apart, and it's REALLY clean! Try it, you'll like it! John
  15. O2 Sensor Replacement

    Well, then if that won't change anything, and even trying Seafoam won't help, then I guess I'll sell it! I was told by some GM techs that these things were pigs, but I didn't believe them. I guess they were right! I only bought it for the wife, to drive in the winter. I can get a '95-'96 Buick Roadmaster "tank" wagon, and get up to 25 mpg's on the highway, and put a lot more crap in it to boot! Can I rock climb with a Buick, no. Have I done ANY off-roading since I bought the Z? NO! But, I have a set of 'studded' snow tires, that I can put on a car, and go through anything I want! I used to own a '95 Roadmaster, and I actually 'plowed' snow with the front bumper, with almost bald tires! Talk about a car with some balls! So, anyone interested in a nice canary yellow '02 Blazer? I have a thread on the 'for sale' section already! John

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