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  1. Official: 2017 Colorado ZR2

    I tested a Canyon last year with the 3.6 and wasn't all that impressed by it. I've seen a few ZR2s around, but not sure I'm all that excited for either engine option. Anyone think they'll eventually offer the 5.3 in these? I'd be first in line if they did.
  2. SnowBlaZeR2's Build Thread

    I'm having a pretty rough go of finding a 60 that will work with this kit. Are the 78-79 Fords the only 60s with 31.5" spring pad width? It looks like the Chevy 60s are 32", but I assume that wouldn't work anyways.
  3. SnowBlaZeR2's Build Thread

    Hey Steven! Hope all is well up there. Yeah, it's been slow going with everything going on. (Separated, deployed as a contractor for two years, came back, started a business, started my Master's). I'm hoping to actually get moving on it later this summer.
  4. SnowBlaZeR2's Build Thread

    Yeah, I decided that I might as well go to 1-tons right off, since I would eventually anyways. Finding a D60 that's compatible with this kit might be a challenge, but I have a few months. Software Engineering. It takes up pretty much all of my free time, but I'll be done here in a few months.
  5. SnowBlaZeR2's Build Thread

    Slow going indeed. I've ordered an ORD SAS kit and HD steering kit. I'm on the lookout for a Dana 60 and 14 bolt, and hoping to get the swap finished up this summer after I finish my Master's. We'll see how that goes.
  6. SnowBlaZeR2

  7. SFA swap help Ohio!!!

    Are they selling the ORD kits for the ZR2 now? I was under the impression they were waiting on those.
  8. While I'm there - 6" SuperLift

    I might have to look into this. I'm wondering what the next weak point would be though.
  9. While I'm there - 6" SuperLift

    Will the beefed up parts from Synergy work with the Superlift? I only get the Blazer out a couple times a year anymore. I'd like to do a SAS, but a lifted and beefed IFS would work too. Not trying to hijack, just figured I'd throw it out there.
  10. Moog K5320 Ball Joints, Idler Arm

    These are sold.
  11. Garage Sale - moving

    Do you have a picture of the passenger turn signal? Any idea what shipping would run from your location to 32506 on that?
  12. I have a set of NIB Moogs that I never installed. I also have Moog idler arm, NIB. Moog K5320 - $40 shipped Moog K6251T - $35 shipped I'll have two Bravada shafts with tubes posted in here soon as well.
  13. Synergy Bravada Shaft

    http://www.zr2usa.com/mboard/index.php?showtopic=47247 If you haven't checked it out, the linked thread should have everything you need for the swap. You're just swapping the shaft from Synergy into your existing passenger tube. I used a junkyard shaft, so I can't help with the plate, but let me know if you have any specific questions. The Bravada swap has been the best thing I've done for my truck so far. I'll be pulling it out soon in favor of a SAS, but it's been worth the money and time to do the swap. Getting stuck out on the trails without 4wd because of a poor vacuum system is not a fun day.
  14. SnowBlaZeR2's Build Thread

    With the Denali taking over as my daily driver, I'm finally going to get started on a SAS. I have a wheeling trip planned in a few weeks with some guys from my military days. The swap will start right after that. I have the axle already; a D44 from a late 70's F150, and will be gathering parts. I wanted to get this thread going so I can have somewhere to keep track and to ask questions, as well as show some progress. The progress will be pretty slow , as I'm working on finishing up my Master's, but hopefully sometime this year I will finish it up.
  15. Switching to Passenger Side Drop

    I might. He wants $300 for it, which I think is a little too much. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk

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