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  1. Usagoal's Engine build thread

    Very interesting... Thanks for that share.
  2. DJI Phantom 3 Profession 4K Drone, $550

    I'm probably going to keep it. I just found out that people are (awkwardly) using the drone sans props as a very nice gimbal cam. Considering the cost of a handheld gimbal for my GoPro 3 isn't cheap, this will give the drone multi-functionality. So there's just not enough justification for me to take such a large hit on the price...
  3. Usagoal's Engine build thread

    Have anymore info on this? Sounds interesting...
  4. Usagoal's Engine build thread

    Nice. Ya part of me wishes I had stayed w/ stock, but I made the choice to go marine. I'll get it all worked out and it'll be good. But N20 certainly knows the limits of these motors far better than I!
  5. Usagoal's Engine build thread

    The potential for bigger power is certainly with the marine intake, that's why the turbo guys use it. Plus you get individual injectors vs. the spider. The intake will be great once we get the turn sorted out. Jderekt is making good headway to this in his free time.
  6. Usagoal's Engine build thread

    If you put in a new cam, you'll need new lifters. You can usually get a little extra lift by using new rocker arms with a higher ratio. But if your stock arms and pushrods show no sign of significant wear, then there shouldn't be any issue re-using them. Marine intake has the most potential for power, and comes with higher flow injectors, but you need to make sure and have patience while you work out the tuning issues. Derek is heading in the right direction - recently he said our injectors wern't properly calibrated in the tune, so that can help fix some things. I received my CDI box and adapter harness last week, just need to get a better cap/rotor and coil, then find the time to install it. In principle, this should help with my cold starts and off-idle transitions, at least until my tune is worked out more.
  7. DJI Phantom 3 Profession 4K Drone, $550

    For you van, i'll go $500 shipped
  8. Usagoal's Engine build thread

    I'm pretty certain the pistons are identical to 350 pistons in every way. Someone can confirm/correct me on this? Are the metric and standard sizes identical?
  9. Usagoal's Engine build thread

    The latest ones I used on a small block ford were Sealed Power Plasma Pro, these specifically: http://www.competitionproducts.com/Speed-Pro-Plasma-Moly-Racing-Rings-4030-Bore/productinfo/R990330/ The plasma coating might be overkill, but that's what my buddy wanted.
  10. Usagoal's Engine build thread

    I've used sealed power in the past and they were always fine for me. I always spend a little extra on high quality piston rings though.
  11. Usagoal's Engine build thread

    http://www.hotrod.com/articles/hrdp-0705-pitstop-chevrolet-v6-performance/ what about these heads? http://brodix.com/90-v6
  12. I've a new, never used DJI Phantom 3 Professional 4K drone for sale. Never flown or powered on. Comes with everything in the pictures, including the padded backpack case. I need $550 shipped for this. Lets make a deal! Thanks for looking.
  13. Complete 5 speed swap

    Oh wow, that's awesome... Always thought it'd be cool to have a 5 speed in my Z! GLWS
  14. Usagoal's Engine build thread

    I know jderekt had issues with his balance shaft delete. Did you have better luck?
  15. Usagoal's Engine build thread

    Let us know how the ride is after. I might still do mine one day just to get a skosh more lift.

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