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  1. Silver Lake

    My Rubicon is MUCH faster than my ZR2 was. Even with the 427 in the ZR2, the Jeep would eat it alive. With the supercharger it makes over 600 ftlb at 2500 rpm. With the 20" paddle tires it will climb anything in the dunes without having to run the engine over 2500 rpm. Steve if you are going to get paddle tires I would just buy a set of 33" tall by 16.5 wide for the rear. You can run a regular 33" tire on the front. You will be amazed the difference it will make on your truck. I have a spare set of paddles, but they are on 5 lug wheels. Brad sometimes runs them on his LQ9 powered BlaZeR.
  2. Silver Lake

    You are always welcome to ride with me. I am getting pretty excited to test the new modifications. If it works as planned, our little Rubicon should be pretty quick this year. It should make about 700hp with the new changes.
  3. Silver Lake

    We are going to try to be there. If I am in town, and currently I am planning to be, we will.
  4. Silver Lake

    One of the advantages to running paddles, besides the huge traction increase, is they are really light. When you put them on a light aluminum wheel, you will not believe the difference in power. It takes a ton of power to accelerate a heavy wheel and tire combinations. Heave vehicles tend to like a wider tire than a light vehicle. Power makes a difference, and if you have a bunch padles are even more important. When I upgraded my Jeep from 16" wide paddles to 20" paddles it made a huge difference in traction. Until now both have been on 14" wide wheels. My new 16" wide Weld Racing bead lock wheels should be here next week and they should make even more difference. Add a couple Lingenfelter parts, and some dyno time, we just might have something for the fast guy's this year.
  5. Silver Lake

    We have our same seasonal site at Jellystone again this year. Hopefully I will be in town this weekend, and can hook up with you guys.
  6. 5 inch BDS or SL6?

    Both lifts drop the front differental to maintain CV angles. I know it is a tough decision. In my case, I chose the BDS for my ZR2 and my son's BlaZer. As a business owner, I make decisions on what we sell based on a lot of criteria. Product quality, and customer satisifaction are very important to me. BDS has always met or exceded our requirement. I have not had real bad issues with Superlift, but it has been really hard to get replacement parts from them at times. They were almost gone at one point in the near past. That made it really hard to sell their product. I hear they have fixed that problem, but because we stopped selling much of their product, I don't know if they have improved the part supply system. We sell quite a few lifts per month. We carry lift kits from 13 manufactuers. There are some lift companies that keep trying to get us to carry their product. If I would not use it, we don't sell or install it. So, some of the lift manufactuers are not available through Diversified.
  7. 5 inch BDS or SL6?

    We sell and install both companies lift kits at Diversified. Each has advantages, and disadvantages. There is recemonded welding with the Superlift, but none with the BDS. The Superlift does give 1" of additional height. The Superlift has a steering support kit that is installed as part of their kit. BDS does not. I have not seen this to be an advantage. Idler arms still wear out even with this link. In some trucks it is a PIA to make it fit and work. There are more than a few people that have had issues getting it to work. With the BDS kit we take the nub off the end of the pitman arm stud. We DO NOT modify the pitman arm, or any steering other component. BDS includes longer steering sleves to extend the length of the steering links. The BDS has a much better warranty. They will replace any damaged component for life. Superlift has a warranty, but they have a page of disclaimers. We recently replaced the front crossmembers in a BDS lifted Blazer because the customer smashed them on rocks. BDS warrantied the components, no questions asked. We have had a few Superlift equipped trucks where the lift brackets broke. We have not had that issue with any BDS parts. We have been the largest seller of ZR2 lifts in the country. Both are good lifts. The BDS costs less thaan the Superlift. That could be part of the reason, but over 95% of the ZR2 lifts we sell are BDS.
  8. Car Show?

    You guys are good. Our show would be this coming weekend. We have outgrown our existing building, and are getting ready to move into a larger facility. The new Diversified will be next door to our current location, but will be more than twice our current size. With all this going on, we decided to cancel the show this year. It will be back next year, bigger and better! Hope to see all of you then!
  9. Retired from GM

    The blue ZR1 has been sold. I did just return from running the S.O.R.C. in Nebraska. I drove a red ZR1 with our 700 hp package. I ran 178 mph 3 times in a row in the 1 mile shootout.
  10. Silver Lake 2011 ROUND TWO

    We will be there for the week of July 4th. If anyone is around, look for the black Rubicon with big paddle tires. I would like to hook up with you guy's when you are up, but my schedule is really full in August. I will be in Nebraska running 3 driving events August 10th through the 13th. I will be in Bonneville trying to run 235+ mph August 13th, through the 20th. Somewhere in the middle of that is Woodward Dream Cruise, and a couple more events.
  11. Federal Emissions Law

    or if there is a reasonable basis for knowing that emissions are not adversely affected as described in Memo 1A This part of the law allows for the replacement of the engine, as long as you do not eliminate emission components that were originally installed on the vehicle. You cannot install a 1970 engine in a 2005 vehicle, and remove the cat converters just because the 1970 engine did not have them. The law is intended to prevent people from removing emission components and claiming they were not needed because the engine never had them when it was produced. If it had converters, they have to be there. If it had EVAP, it better be there. Most diesel vehicles were never equipped with and emission devices. People would buy a diesel vehicle, and install a gas engine to by pass the emission requirements. That is illegal as well. That is the intent of the law, not that you cannot change the engine.
  12. Federal Emissions Law

    You should reread the law. Your statements are not correct. It is aginst the law to remove emission components, not to change the engine. If you install the emission components equal to, or better than the vehicle was originally equipped with engine swaps are legal.
  13. BDS lift kit

    At one time I ran the Superlift arms with the BDS lift, but that was before BDS made their own arms. The Superlift arms did not work without modification in the bump stop area on a BDS lift. We sell the BDS lift to ZR2USA Members cheaper than anyone. If you aare interested, just call the store, 810-227-4777, and they will hook you up.
  14. LS1's ZR2

    Correct! I removed the rear glass to install it. I made a couple stainless steel brackets that followed the contour of the window frame. It attached on the side and top of the window frame. I then made a couple aluminum pieces that a stainless steel tube fit in and would rotate. I drilled through the brackets, and tube, for 2 quick release pins. I welded 4 light tabs to the tube. After I installed it, the weight of the lights would flex the stailess brackets. I made 2 straps that fit around the tube, slipped them between the lights, and attached them to the roof. I could remove the pins, and rotate the lights down to keep them out of trees, or to put the truck in my enclosed trailer. I have talked to the owner a couple times since he bought the truck. He did visit the site from time to time, but I have not seen him on here in a while. When he bought my ZR2, he already had 4 other S-10's. He had followed the truck in the magazines, and on the internet. He lives in Washington, and still drives the truck quite often.
  15. Retired from GM

    Ken Lingenfelter, the company owner, is a really down to earth guy. To meet him, you would never know he has such a collection. He treats everyone really nice, and goes out of his way to make the collection open for people to see.

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