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  1. Need help from someone who can interpret the data I have obtained during a few different live logs with my OBD2 BluDriver. Attached is a report I ran when monitoring fuel trims (report with AM at the end) as well as a report I ran when monitoring pre cat o2 sensor bank 1, pre cat o2 sensor bank 2, post cat o2 sensor, MAF, and engine RPMs (report with PM at the end). Also attached are 2 visual graphs of the pre cat o2 sensor bank 1, pre cat o2 sensor bank 2, post cat o2 sensor, MAF, and engine RPM report mentioned previously. Can anyone tell me if they see something odd in this information and why? It seems my truck is running rich and I have system lean bank 1 and lean bank 2 SES codes. I want to determine if maybe the MAF, or pre cat o2 sensors are bad based on this data. Can any one help me? All of this data is engine at operating temp and highway and back roads. I have a flow master muffler with nothing after it right now and another small leak at the cat back pipe flange connection. I don't think the open rotted off exhaust after the muffler would cause these codes? I just did coil, cap, rotor, wires and cleaned/cracked the gap for the AC Delco platinum plugs that were already installed. I plan to replace the plugs with AC delco iridium tips after I figure out why it's running so rich and getting shit gas mileage. The tune up made a huge difference but again, it is still running rich and throwing those codes. It is an 03 s10 zr2 with 137k. Help is appreciated! DataLog-Jun_17_2017_8-32-22-AM.csv DataLog-Jun_17_2017_8-56-51-PM.csv

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