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  1. 4x4 problems??? [$10 posi Lock]

    Check the vacuum lines & the vacuum switch on the transfer case.
  2. I have to cycle the key too much!

    Turn the ignition switch to on, wait 5 seconds or so, then turn key to start & then see if it cranks right up.
  3. Removing Grill

    I managed to scratch the top of my bumper, I now put an old sheet between the grill & bumper when I need to remove the grill.
  4. How To Replace Heater Blower Fan

    On the 99's, the plug & resistor pack (4 screws) are on the top of that plenum. I paid $16 for a new pack a couple of years ago.
  5. Brakes went out

    It was the steel lines - rusted out and a front caliper went out. Also replaced the flex hoses too.
  6. Brakes went out

    Ironically, my truck was due for state inspection tomorrow. Yesterday, I was raking leaves & needed gas for the mulcher. Drove to the end of my driveway & the brake peddle went slowly to the floor. I am now out on the road, I pumped the peddle & got the truck stopped, peddle then went to the floor again. Backed the truck very slowly into the driveway. I looked underneath & the right front tire was soaked with brake fluid. Here's the kicker - the flex line for the rearend also sprayed fluid all over the driveshaft & rear. These went at the same time. Seems like when the front caliper went, the extra pressure on the rear lines broke the hose. Buy, I'm glad this didn't happen on the highway! Truck is 10 years old, need to check the rubber stuff more closely.
  7. tonneau cover experts

    I just replaced a worn out tonneau with an Extang. The instructions show an install with an over the rail liner. They have you cut small openings in the liner so the clamps can be inserted & tightened down.
  8. gas went down

    Ain't gona stay that way, OPEC is talking about cutting production to raise prices.
  9. 4.3 High Output

    In 99' the ZR2 had 190, reg 4x's were 180hp.
  10. See Ya down the road in your 18 wheeler & thanks Mike.
  11. Truth about backpressure

    Pipe diameter Info
  12. 4WD Actuator

    Posi-lok thread
  13. zee


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