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  1. WTB: Envoy ash tray delete

    I actually have a few of these my self if any ones still looking for one
  2. Synergy hidden winch mount

    I haven't herd back about shipping cost?
  3. WTB: Envoy ash tray delete

    I actually have a graphite one from. Diamond edition jimmy I found in a junk yard. But I'm not willing to sell it.
  4. Synergy hidden winch mount

    Pics? How much shipped to 44833?
  5. Custom Made (Direct Fit) Battery Cables

    Are these still available is they're some where to order them?
  6. FINALLY did the 1 Ton idler upgrade...

    They do wear out fast. Regardless of whether you off road or not. I think I normally get a year or 2 out of mine and I don't off-road. This 1 ton idler is very easy and completely bolt on. I bet if you have the parts needed it wouldent take more than 2 hrs
  7. ISO Oil Filter access door SCREW/BOLT and Reatiner

    Do you have an aluminum or carbon fibor skid? I jut pulled the plastic skid off my zr2 I can send ya the bolt from it
  8. ZR2 P/U part out

    Maybe I missed it but what's the location?
  9. Energy Suspension Body Mounts Install Problem?

    For body mount hardware figure out the bolt size you need and go to any hard ware store And buy the bolts. But be sure to get the highest grade nuts bolts and washers possible!! Any hardware store should have what you need or be able to get it.
  10. sway bar quick disconnect

    Any pictures of them?
  11. Bravada Shaft and Tube

    There's like 7 bravadas in yards around me I pulled mine for $30
  12. Rear bumper builders?

    Is it a blazer? I know of one company that builds rear Swing out bumpers for blazers. I'll post a link but let me warn you this company has changed hands a few times and ive herd bad feedback about there old name. But i don't know about there new name http://www.bluelakeoffroad.com/index.php?p=product&id=183&parent=65
  13. Garage sale will keep adding stuff

    Ya I got a few flairs I fequent yards around me. But the main thing I need is fenders. But I don't want to have to pay to have them painted. I have a great pair of front fenders flairs and wheel wells but there red.
  14. Garage sale will keep adding stuff

    I need black front fenders and flairs both of them With no rust in good shape?
  15. Garage sale will keep adding stuff

    Where are you located i might be interested in zr2 fenders and flairs if your not to far from me.

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