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  1. HELP fuel injector issue?

    I agree completely usa. Still need to do the fuel filter, y-pipe and o2 sensors, and change diff fluids and coolant and should be good for another 50-100k miles im hoping. Everything else has been done and I’m pretty happy with how well it’s runs and drives now just wish I could afford to get it repainted right now.
  2. HELP fuel injector issue?

    Yup got the mpfi injector installed last night along with all the new ignition stuff. Runs better than ever! The old injector had a whole bunch of build up around the poppets and one had a little piece broke off the surrounding plastic. Was definitely due for the upgrade.
  3. HELP fuel injector issue?

    Ended up ordering a new fuel injector, complete tune up, new Magnaflow y-pipe and o2 sensors, and some odds and ends the car has been needing like rear glass struts. I’ll report back when everything comes in and I get installed. After talking with my uncle and having him look at it he seems convinced it’s the fuel injector so going to just replace all the known worn out parts and hopefully keep it on the road problem free for a while. Would really like to see a couple more years out of this car if possible. The only thing left that I’m not sure about is the fuel pump but I’ll cross that bridge when I have to.
  4. HELP fuel injector issue?

    No I haven’t done a fuel pressure test yet. It’s been a regular occurrence the past few days. It will miss until the motor is up to temp ~190 degrees then smooths out and runs perfectly fine. I wouldn’t think it would be a ground wire. Since it’s running like crap until operating temp would an injector coil be a likely cause? Is the coil(s) going to be on top of the intake or inside it with the actual injector? If fuel pressure was a problem would it not cut out at higher rpm’s? It has 215k miles and is a 5 speed and has a lot of power down low but doesn’t ever make much power or wants to go above 3k rpm’s though I’ve never been sure if that’s because of the manuel shift or the cat going bad. I’ll try and do the fuel pressure test and report back but the way it’s acting leads me to believe it’s either the injector or something affected by the fuel tables like possibly a coil?
  5. HELP fuel injector issue?

    Blazer was normal driving to work and leaving it was shaking like it might have been misfiring for a short period but it never threw a ses light at me. Noticed yesterday doing the seafoam just how loud my exhaust rattle has gotten and it's only getting worse. Anyone know if a plugged cat could be causing my problems or has the injector leaking led to a bad cat so I'm looking at even more money for a proper fix?
  6. HELP fuel injector issue?

    Did seafoam treatment today time will tell if it's going to need replaced sooner rather than later. Thinking back I've had off and on raw fuel smell since I bought the car earlier this year. If the poppet was stuck open and letting the intake fill up with gas left in the line would that have gave me that fuel smell on hot days?
  7. HELP fuel injector issue?

    I'll see about checking it in the morning. Drove it home from work tonight and it did great from start up til I got home. I really think the poppet for the cylinder 6 injector line was stuck open. I think age is finally wearing on an already poorly designed part but I hope someone with more experience can give me certainty. Going to spray a whole can of seafoam down the intake in the morning and fill it up and put another can in the gas and see if it comes back. I'm only the second owner and the previous owner supposedly replaced a lot of things on it going to try and get ahold of him or one of his sons before I drop a wad on a new injector and tune up.
  8. HELP fuel injector issue?

    I have a 2001 blazer zr2. Went to leave work the other night and when I started my blazer it was shaking really bad and had low power. No check engine light on though and drove a few blocks and it quit and went completely back to normal. Started it up to drive to work this morning (first time I had drive it since i had the problem) and it did it again this time the check engine light was flashing and then when it quit missing the light just stayed on but the motor quit shaking/missing and it had full power. Stopped by autozone on my way in to work and they pulled the p0200 and p0306 codes which are fuel injector circuit malfunction and misfire on cylinder 6 respectively. Car has 217k miles and no idea if it's ever had a tune up. I have the upgraded mpfi injector, full intake gasket set and bolts, spark plugs, and wires, cap and rotor, inigtion coil, and pcv valve in my cart now on rock auto. Before I go spending $400 right away is the injector at fault here? I know my cat is on it's way out as it is rattling but I would think it would be throwing a different code for that and have different symptoms. Are there any other parts in going to need for this? I am going to try seafoam spray down the intake and running a can in the next tank of gas as well before I order everything. I'm sure it's over due for a tune up but don't really want to spend the money right now if I can help it.
  9. Greenlantern99's New Daily driver

    I think guys running the coil over conversion on nbs trucks were using a 700 lb spring. So I would say 600-700 lb would be a good starting range. I know some one was making a selling the kits on silveradosierra and gmfullsize for a good price might be worth looking him up and picking his brain since the s10's are almost just a smaller built nbs truck.
  10. PA vs Zone

    Actually bought a new in box PA one two weeks ago off a Facebook page paid $150 shipped so made the choice easy. Won't be able to install it for a while due to only having one vehicle for work right now but will post when I do. Kit looks quality though and im still looking for a gap guard kit. Thinking about buying PA's kit for the 99-06 full size and making it work as the front pieces look very close to the stock ones on the blazer.
  11. Rough country 2 inch install

    Update I finally installed both new cv shafts and put the stock bilsteins back in up front. Ride is a lot smoother and much more controlled will never run the rough country shocks again. Also have some 6 degree pinion shins and new u bolts and u joints to install when I get some time as I'm one of the unlucky few who got a vibration at take off from the shackles. Will be putting back on rear bilsteins when I do that.
  12. Official: 2017 Colorado ZR2

    The "low" ground clearance and lack of A-arm skids are easily addressed by the aftermarket. The wheelbase will still compete with a Tacoma in extended or crew versions or even an extended cab Colorado vs a four door Jeep. The sticker shock of 46k is understandable but according to the Chevy site you can order a fairly basic model with the 2.8 duramax for 46k. Comparing to other trucks I would consider for an off roadable Dailey driver this thing kicks ass. The ability to get 28 mpg and be off road capable while still retaining a warranty is almost unheard of. This truck is ground breaking in a lot of ways and the first iteration isn't going to check off every box from the expectations category. If I can ever afford a 40k truck this one is easily at the top of the list for what I would want out of it.
  13. 1998 k1500 Z71

    Need to sell fast located in Wayne county, Illinois. Lot of new parts runs and drive excellent has 260k miles newer motor and transmission. 3 button 4x4 5.7l vortec. Not looking for trades need money for wedding. Asking $3500 for this site
  14. PA vs Zone

    Any reason to spend the extra $80 for the PA body lift over the zone(BDS) one? Based off of the pics some are showing the zone without the fuel filler neck but that can be had cheap.
  15. Rough country 2 inch install

    How much are you asking for one?

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