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  1. My TurBlazer

    Finally got the video. #racetruck https://youtu.be/Q5NEb7GoMDU
  2. My TurBlazer

    Factory Rebooted CV's On the street its very hard on them, at the track it tends to pull the left wheel up and take most weight off the front. I fixed the Sprag issue with the trans, took it back to the track, everything worked great till the belt fell off the last pass. I am going to nick name it the head lifter. Having trouble keeping the heads from flexing and distorting the headgasket or torching a hole in the head. Time to detune it a bit until i get my water to air system upgraded, the IAT's were a bit high. I did manage 116mph in the 1/8 though. There is a video, but I don't know how to link it off of Facebook.
  3. My TurBlazer

    Only had 1 good pass. Wouldn't shift to second. Ended up finding out the sprag can't handle weight and power. Some people are lucky, I am not. I was at an 1/8 mile track. It did 108 in the eighth on the first and only decent pass. I don't post my times.
  4. My TurBlazer

    Aluminum radiator (2 core 1 inch wide cores ) and a taurus fan sealed tight to radiator. No issues on 90+degree days. Fan controlled by pcm, running on low speed only. Factory temp thermostat .
  5. My TurBlazer

    I went early on that run, it pushed right through the brakes, it had never done that before. SO I sent it anyways!
  6. My TurBlazer

  7. Celt's Blazr2 build

    Sweet rig, I have a twin. Same color and condition Do you know the name of the actual color? Let me know if you notice a difference with that steering joint. Curious, I have one that i haven't installed yet.
  8. Transmission issues

    I forgot to mention that the filters can plug and take out the rest of the trans in short time. If the fluid is truly clean not burnt then you broke the pump or have a converter issue
  9. Transmission issues

    If it moves a bit when cold then fades out when warm I would suspect some clutches gone. Whining could be pump, very possible. Don't hate the transmissions, they aren't that bad. Pull it out
  10. My TurBlazer

    1/2 ton NP246 With a shortened Duramax front Driveshaft.
  11. If your overworking the trans and the converter isn't staying locked then the fluid will overheat and push out. If there is a clutch slipping same thing, fluids overheating and pushes out.
  12. My TurBlazer

    The 80 fit fine. The transfer case was the issue. The 80 is 2 1/4 inches longer than a 4.3 4l60e. I also had mine a 1/2 inch further back to accommodate the v8. The cross member in front of the torsion bar one had to go. Time will tell if that's an issue. I have measurements to compare if it twists.
  13. My TurBlazer

    Long story short the rear end chucked the spider gears. Yukon duragrip. There isn't an upgrade. They wouldn't warranty the gears either. So I did an 8.8. The factory Trac lok spiders are huge in comparison. I get that all done and find that the 4l60 finally took a dump. The planetaries for second are locked up, that's what caused the rear end to pop. I was going to do the 80 anyways. Both were very challenging to install. Had to build a whole new torque arm for the 8.8 too. It was a lot of work, next year I will hopefully see some good results racing it.
  14. My TurBlazer

    Ford 8.8 and an 80e upgrade Recently
  15. My TurBlazer


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