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  1. Right Turn Signal Hyper Flash

    If I remember correctly the side marker lights affect the hyperflash too, in both the front and the rear
  2. BobbyDuke's ZR2 Thread

    Alright - This almost is deserving of it's own thread. I painted the truck with Monstaliner Desert Sand and Black. It came out absolutely amazing for the price and effort that I put in. Knocked the whole thing out in two days (prep included). I'm sorry for the crappy photos, Most of them are exported off snapchat... Imgur Album It was extremely simple, although unforgiving. I recommend it to anyone with a trail rig that you still want to look decent. It hid all my dents and resists scratches extremely well. I'll see how it holds up over time - it's supposed to be UV protected and everything. So far only issue I've had is cleaning it - I was hoping to just be able to hit it with the power washer and call it good. I'll use some snowfoam on it and see if that works.
  3. BobbyDuke's ZR2 Thread

    Let's see, 3 years later and here's where I'm at: 12k winch installed with the hidden winch mount. Optima yellowtop and AD244 alt installed. Still have yet to complete ANYTHING on the list. Although I have something big in the works in terms of paint. I'll avoid saying anything in-case it turns out like garbage and they'll be a bunch of "I told you so's" to go with it.
  4. Tail light guards

    I know it's a stretch but anyone have a set of tail light guards (pickup style) floating around they'd be willing to part with? Preferably Westin 39-3015? I've been looking for these damn things since I got the Z and have yet to find a set.
  5. SO website

    Is there anything in particular you were looking for? A couple other sites are hosting their ZR2 stuff in the meantime...
  6. Switched power port?

    I ended up getting a switched outlet (flip switch when you start) Plus most of them add ports to the outlet (I wouldn't use anything more than the cam and a phone charger personally) http://m.ebay.com/itm/Cigarette-Lighter-Socket-Splitter-Charger-LED-Light-Switch-3-Way-Car-12V-USB-/262080796365?nav=SEARCH That's what I have, it works for me. Kinda a pain to switch it all the time. I'll wire it up right eventually

    Mine LOOKED equal as well, I haven't measured it...still haven't been able to break the BJs loose yet...

    So I tried squeezing the new shaft in without removing the CV and I got the old one out, no way it's making it into the CV though.... Any suggestions/tips for popping extremely rusted bjs? At the moment they do NOT want to come out
  9. jersey boy

    Welcome! Always happy to see other Zs in jersey. Your Z wouldn't happen to be red with a body lift is it? I keep seeing him around haha
  10. Site down?

    Agreed! The new site already looks much easier to navigate, especially after you pointed out the ZR2 specialty button at the bottom. No more scrolling forever to get to the category you want The ZR2 button does nothing for me, I get the same results using it or not, tried different browsers too. Clicking it brings me right here: http://synergyoffroad.com/rt-2844-chevrolet-s10-parts-zr2-accessories.html#!year%3D1995||submodel%3DSE
  11. Synergy Offroad is the BOMB!

    For the ZR2 items on Synergy, Scroll to the bottom on the home page and click the ZR2 logo. That will bring you to the section for ZR2s. I don't know if you can search just that section, you may just have to go through the categories to find what you need.
  12. Site down?

    Agreed! The new site already looks much easier to navigate, especially after you pointed out the ZR2 specialty button at the bottom. No more scrolling forever to get to the category you want
  13. Want to buy S10 ex.cab ZR2

    This was just posted on the ZR2 facebook page (Not mine) https://www.facebook.com/groups/2211281780/permalink/10152045782076781/
  14. iCrash's blaZeR2 revival

    I'm amazed after all the rain we got you didn't have a BlaZer pool... These write-ups are awesome, I'll definitely be using them in the future.
  15. Bravada Shaft

    I don't believe there is one, I just got a Bravada (slip-in) and I was planning on doing my best to make a write up. Unless there is one and I missed it too

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