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  1. Official: 2017 Colorado ZR2

    It is nice to know the ZR-2 name is still alive. I saw one a couple months ago...it really blows my mind what they are charging for a beefed up version of what started life as an Isuzu i-series pickup. I actually drove a Colorado when they first came out and decided to get a new BlaZeR2 instead...loaded and with a sticker of about half what they are charging for this thing. A well equipped Silverado Z71 is available for about the same price.
  2. Driveline vibration on deceleration and highway speed

    After a road obstruction destroyed one of my 31x10.5 KO2's I put on one of the cheap 235/75 "General" brand tires which originally came on the truck and did not have a lot of tread left. I quickly remembered why I took them off years ago. Immediately I could feel vibration and you could see the tire wear. After living with that and learning that tires and batteries wear out here faster in the great state of Texas compared to the Southeast, I broke down and pulled out my credit card for four new KO2's (the new shoulder pattern definitely looks more aggressive). I thought my truck rode pretty well before the blowout with the original KO2's...and attributed the vibration to the Generals. Therefore, you can imagine my surprise when I did not get much improvement over the Generals with the new ones. After checking the balance on the tires, the shop put my truck up on the lift to look underneath and checked the U-joints, which they said seemed fine. Next, they took off the shield under the midsection. That is when they showed me that if they twisted the prop shaft by hand it would wiggle at the joint near the transfer case. The noise I hear sounds like a tire that is out of round or needs balance. It becomes more noticeable between speeds of about 30 mph and 60 mph. Is this really what is causing my vibration? I priced front prop/driveshafts and they are expensive. I checked the driveshaft threads but could not find any on this...unless I am looking in the wrong place. Can anyone assist? Are there any other ZR2 enthusiasts in Houston or nearby areas? Tom
  3. hello from texas

    Hello Gentlemen. I just relocated to Houston myself. Are there any local get togethers? Tom
  4. Gauges broken and warning/status lights will not stop flashing with tr

    I believe the ignition switch was already replaced. Every once in a blue moon the gauges come on. I just relocated to Houston and am hopeful that there is a good ZR2 group here. Tom
  5. Just relocated from NC to TX

    Hello everyone. I recently relocated myself and my Z from NC to the Houston area and would like to find out about local get togethers. On another note, my dash is having a problem because the gauges stopped working but the instrument warning lights flash when I turn the truck off. I have an EL Glo faceplate and remote start. A search didn't seem to bring up anything on this. Would appreciate any and all assistance with getting this one fixed and meeting some local ZR2 owners. Thank you, Tom
  6. My gauges (speedo, tach, etc.) stopped working altogether. However all the warning/status lights started flashing tonight...even with the truck off. I tried to go to the place that installed my NR gauge face and remote start but they are out of business. When I turn the key on the flashing stops but all the gauges stay at zero and do not move. When I turn the key off the flashing starts and does not stop. The fact that the lights are still flashing with the truck off really concerns me. I am afraid I will be going out to a truck with a dead battery in the morning. Any and all assistance would be appreciated. Thank you, Tom
  7. Key sticks in ignition in park

    Do you know what keywords I use to look? I already tried key, ignition and stuck. Also what section is it under? My thoughts are that it has something to do with the ignition switch not releasing somewhere. Thanks, Tom
  8. sad day for the zr2

    Sorry to hear about your truck. Glad you are okay.
  9. Key sticks in ignition in park

    When I put it in park the key sticks in the ignition until I back up, turn steering wheel, etc...then it releases. The dealer previously replaced the ignition piece the key goes into and put on a new shift handle. I did a search but couldn't seem to find anything on the site about this. I know that GM has had ignition issues for years. Tranny and guages are working fine though. Is there a bulletin on this one? Has anyone else had this happen to them? Thanks, Tom
  10. RaleighBlaZeR2

  11. Bug shields

    It is tinted black from the factory. I got a Lund Trident first, but the attachment system did not use factory holes. They basically wanted me to tighten screws against the hood. This one has inserts that pop into factory holes and then you screw in with screws and plastic washers. Maybe the Lund is better for the Blazer. Let's see some pics of your Lund and how it attaches to the hood please. The brush guard is a Westin CPS (chrome plated stainless). Thanks, Tom
  12. Bug shields

    Need some pics please
  13. Bug shields

    Here are some I took yesterday. I paid $60.95, including shipping: Tom
  14. Bug shields

    I got a new Stampede bug shield for my Avalanche. I like it so much I am thinking about getting one for the BlaZeR2 also. Does anyone on this forum have one? They make a VP and LP series. The LP is low profile. What bug shields are you guys running? Did you have to drill to put them on? Do you have any pics? Thanks, Tom
  15. Mid Georgia Meet and great may 13,2007

    Nice meeting everyone and checking out some trucks. Good luck with that lift downsouthGAzr2. Tom

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