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  1. SEMA 2012

    Feel free to call me at 512-739-1595 when you get there.
  2. SEMA 2012

    It's that time again! Actually, we were not planning to go this year until a few weeks ago. You guys may or may not know that we recently took ownership of THE BEST 4wd shop in central Texas a little over a month ago (www.krawltex.com). A few weeks ago we were approached by the guys from Pipe Hitters Union about building a 2012 Tacoma that they wanted to showcase at SEMA. We were able to partner with ENGO winches to get the truck in the show. Now we just have a ridiculous laundry list of things we have to get done in the next few weeks. You can follow the build on our Facebook pages. Krawltex Facebook Page 4wd Factory Facebook Page *If anyone plans on going to the show this year, please let me know!
  3. From now until the end of August, we will be offering rock bottom prices on Yukon and USA Standard products. This includes axles, gears, lockers, install kits, locking hubs, drive flanges, etc... The parts do not have to be on our website. We can get you a quote for whatever application you need. Please email Joey at joey@4wdfactory.com for a quote. Example: YUKON 10 Bolt 4.11 Gears (YG GM8.5-411) Retail - $255.78 Sale - $181.34 USA STANDARD 10 Bolt 4.11 Gears (ZG GM8.5-411) Retail - $187.90 Sale - $133.19
  4. Anybody Try these motor mounts on this forum

    they work. the energy suspension ones are cool (we sell them too) but they are still the same design as the factory ones. im not a big fan of the factory design...
  5. yes, they fold forward and they come with sliders to slide forward as well.
  6. UPDATED 6/8/2011 View first post. Thanks!
  7. New SAS Kits!

    we have the kits on our website now. we really dont have any updates on the 4-link or radius arm kits yet. there is a winch plate available now that work with all models including 2wd trucks.
  8. New SAS Kits!

    i will send an email to the customers who have bought these kits and see if they are posting a build thread somewhere. we are gathering parts for our 97 blazer (non-zr2) and we will post pics when we are done.
  9. New SAS Kits!

    they are working on a radius arm kit and a 4-link kit. these kits should be available in the near future for those of you that want to go that route...
  10. New SAS Kits!

    thanks! I know the wagoneer front springs will have the tires near the factory location.
  11. Anybody seen these Yet?

    we have coil spring kits coming soon...
  12. New SAS Kits!

    there is a steering kit coming soon.
  13. Check out our new solid axle conversion kits from Off Road Direct. We brought the idea to them early this year and now we have specific kits available for all s-series models including ZR2s. enter 4wdjoey at checkout for your discount! https://www.4wdfactory.com/store/products.p...rsion-%284wd%29
  14. ok. here are a few measurements. we also have a youtube video up and some pics coming soon. let me know if you need any other measurements. total height - 37" at widest point - 22 1/2" center padding on back cushion and bottom cushion - 12" widest point on seat bottom - 21" top of seat cushion to harness eyelets - 22" seat mount and slider mounting dimensions - 11" x 16" we were very impressed with the quality of the seats and harnesses. we will have these prices again for our next stock order which will be soon. thanks!

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