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  1. tranny problems

    So are you saying the vent next to the trans dip stick is not the transfer case vent? And i should be worried about new convertor or trans rebuild?
  2. tranny problems

    Anyone got any ideas?
  3. tranny problems

    Getting ready to tackle this shortly. Has anyone down this since I started this thread forever ago? Anything I should expect or be worried about?
  4. Stalled upon hard brake

    Some type of vacuum loss would be my guess id start with checking all the vacuum lines
  5. Hello from Frisco

    Actually just recently did a job in frisco beautiful place and there was a pretty nice lifted pewter s10 roaming around out there
  6. lifted s10 frisco Colorado

    In Colorado working there is a lifted pewter s10 with white fenders that drives by my hotel twice ive seen now. Looks like a six inch and 33s black wheels
  7. Engine cutting out

    had something similar happen to me like this it ended up being the tps and also check the plug that plugs into the distributor right below the cap
  8. south dakota

    I'm here working in south Dakota im working at the Walmart in Pierre and next week ill be in Mitchell anyone on here live in these areas or around id like to meet some people if possible
  9. 2002 Sonoma ZR2 SOLD, MI

    Saw this truck off 59 yesterday pictures don't do justice its badass
  10. 2000 zr2 s10 (blown motor) $700 OBO

    This was my exact thought. But two projects is enough for me and my mom is kinda sick of me store cars at her house lol
  11. 2000 zr2 s10 (blown motor) $700 OBO

    Trans was rebuilt 10-15k ago with a transgo hd2 shift kit and beast sunshell. I have receipts to prove this. Its been in a couple accidents since I've had it. Always drove straight after and the only abnormal tire wear i ever got was from bad wheel bearings. Think it has around 140,000 Going to need heater core, tires and of course a motor Link to for sale thread http://www.greatlakes4x4.com/showthread.php?t=242771
  12. Thread for Ohio people.

    Staying in green working in Canton
  13. richmond ky

    Some of you know but I travel from state to state remodeling Walmart well for the past 7 weeks I've been staying here at the COUNTRY HEARTH INN and all I can say is I've never stayed in such a shit hole place in my life from the cockroaches to the pimps and prostitutes and being offered drugs everyday I'm very excited to leave. The state Kentucky it self was very nice but not this place at all so if you ever in Kentucky keep driving and don't stay here stay at one of the seven other hotels surrounding it Cliff notes- no significance to this thread
  14. Pop your hood and do a little brake torque bet its a motor mount mines making that noise and I just discovered its driver side motor mount

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