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  1. Welcome back, it's been a couple of years since you posted! You'll love the new ZR2, it's a little bit of an improvement over your Highrider!
  2. New 2ZR2

    Welcome to the site Tony! Any pictures of the ZedR2?
  3. No, the tanks are only avaliable for the long beds at the moment.
  4. How come you are not going back to Tom Henry?
  5. Basic S-10 vs zr2 s-10 body panel differences??

    2 inch body lift, 2 inch SuperLift and a custom set of cknaffle shackles that are 11 inches long! (you can see them sticking down behind the rear wheel) Those are 32X11.50 BFG Mud-Terrains on Centerline Hellcats on it.
  6. Basic S-10 vs zr2 s-10 body panel differences??

    That looks pretty good! I have a Crew Cab ZR2, I'll look for a recent pic.
  7. Basic S-10 vs zr2 s-10 body panel differences??

    How big are your kids ? That's a pretty small area back there. I think I have the only ZR2 pickup that can fit 3 kids/teenagers comfortably in the back seat! (They had plenty of room back there to sleep on the 12 hour trips to Silver Lake)
  8. New and loving the ride

    Welcome to the site Robert!
  9. New member from North Carolina.

    Cool story, a lot of people get emotionally involved with thier vehicles. I know I wish I could get back the the first Blazer and S-10 I bought in 1981 and 1985!
  10. New member from North Carolina.

    Welcome to the site Sean! Please explain about the "history" you have with your truck.
  11. Don't worry about hijacking Nates thread , he hasn't been on this website in seven months and only has one post in the last year! I checked the control arm on my Crew Cab ZR2 and it looks like Babydueces picture.
  12. Airbag warning light FIXED

    That reminds me, My airbag light has been on in my Crew Cab ZR2 since 2009 when I drowned it out in one of Silver Lakes little puddles! Repairing it has been on my to-do list for awhile!
  13. How’s it going everyone?

    Welcome to the site Chris!
  14. Tubular control arms

    I just checked the Superlift website, the only items avaliable for the S-10 are add-a-leaves and shocks, kind of wierd! Several years ago when I was repairing my 2inch SuperLifted Crew Cab ZR2 (after many years of abuse at Silver Lake) I tried ordering new shocks and bump stops and bushings for my SuperLift A-arms. I was told by SuperLift that they don't sell directly to the consumer. I had to go through a dealer. But I could swear over the years other members have said that they have bought A-arms directly from SuperLift and Rough Country!

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