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Solid Front Axle swap. Did you do one?? Want to?? Coil or leaf springs?? What are the best axle choices for our ZR2's?? Find out here!!


  1. Important Swap Info and Tech

    So you decided you want to ditch the IFS that came on your ZR2. Well this is a good place to start your research(AKA Reading!). Here is everything you could need to know concerning axle choice, suspension setup, steering, and even some tools and tips to make your build go a little smoother. If you still have questions, there are many knowledgeable members who can help you out!

  2. ZR2 Build Threads

    Now that you have done your reading and are ready to go - post up your ZR2 build thread! Let us know what your axle of choice will be! Be sure to posts lots of pictures for the rest of us. Current as well as finished (wait, are they ever finished?) builds welcome!

  3. Other SFA Builds

    Post your Non-ZR2 builds in here! Jeeps, Samurai's, and whatever else you have!


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