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For Sale

Do you have an item or vehicle to sell? Put your ad in here! Please be sure to read the rules before posting an ad.

Rules for Sellers!!!

1. Unless you have been a member for at least 90 days AND you have at least 30 posts under your belt here, you must receive permission from Admin in order to sell anything. You may be asked to provide info as to who you are, as well as seller references (IE: showing us your eBay feedback rating would be helpful). This is to prevent scams, and is for the protection of our members. (This does not apply to vehicle sales.)

Who to contact in this rule applies to you:
Mr. Z

2. The owner and administrators of ZR2USA.com assume no liability or responsibility in regards to private-party transactions on this forum. As a buyer, It is your responsibility to know who you are dealing with. As a seller, it is your responsibility to accurately describe your item. Please remember: it's not just a "buyer beware" world anymore! It's also a "seller's beware" world, unfortunately. Seller: Be suspicious of anyone offering you MORE money for your item; buying from overseas; refusing to give you a phone number; etc. Buyers: be sure to get COMPLETE contact info from your seller: FULL name/address and phone number. Encourage the seller to accept PAYPAL as a form of payment (never send cash). If you send a money order: KEEP THE RECEIPT until the transaction is finalized!

3. After your item has sold, please edit your title to state that it has sold. Add *SOLD* to the beginning of your thread main title. Please do NOT edit your post(s) itself and change it to "sold". By leaving all of the info in your post (including price), you are may be helping others with future sales. So please: just edit the thread TITLE with the word "SOLD", nothing else.

4. If you have a dispute over a transaction, handle it privately (at first). Airing your dirty laundry in public will just get your posting privileges suspended. If you cannot resolve the issue (non-payment/non-received item/possible scam) privately due to lack of communication, please get a hold of Admin, and we will do our best to provide you with the information you need.

5. "Dibs":

~All dibs being called are to be done so IN THE THREAD that pertains to the item you are calling dibs on.
~Calling dibs via PM alone is not acceptable. .
~Do not call dibs on an item if you don't have the cash to pay for it when you call it. This isn't Wal-mart, and there is no layaway program, unless you have already made some type of arrangements with the seller.
~If you don't say "dibs" in your post, you didn't actually call dibs. Being the first person to respond with a question or pic request does not count. If you want to call "dibs, but need info/pics/etc", then say, (ie. "dibs, but need info/pics/etc")
~If you have the item for sale on another board, or locally, state it in your ad.
~A seller has the right to reject a call of dibs, provided that they do it publicly, and state a reason for it. (ie. Prior bad transaction, etc.)
~If you sell something to another person, after dibs has been called publicly by someone else, your ability to sell items will be reviewed and possible restrictive action may be taken against you.

6. Only post ONE thread to sell your item. If some time has gone by, and you wish to try to resell, post a reply in your original thread. Do not create multiple threads in different sections of the forum to try and sell your item, they will just be deleted.

7. Remember, get as MUCH information from the Buyer / Seller that you can, in case you need to contact them for further information. Do not rely solely on the PM / Email system alone. Phone #, address, etc will only benefit both of you in the transaction.

All we ask as that you conduct your business fairly, and honestly.


ZR2USA Admin


  1. ZR2's

    Here you may post an ad for any ZR2 vehicle that you own or know of that is currently FS. Be sure to include critical info such as: year; mileage; color; price (or "OBO"); location; etc. Please start subject line with: "FS:__" (for sale).

    This thread is for private sales only. Vehicles found on Ebay/Craigslist/Dealer ads belong in the Ebay/Craigslist/Dealer ZR2 forum.


  2. Engine/Drivetrain/ECM

    Main-chassis, engines, intake, exhaust, transmissions, ECM's, differentials, transfer cases, lockers, gears, power programmers, performance chips, etc, for ZR2's only, please.

  3. Suspension/Steering/Brakes

    Brakes, hubs, ball joints, idler/pitman arms, lift kits (including body-lifts), springs, shocks, shackles, etc, for ZR2's only, please.

  4. Exterior

    Hitches, toppers, bumpers, body parts, fender flares, glass, roll-bars, primary-lighting (head/tail/corner lights), etc, for ZR2's only, please.

  5. Interior

    Door panels, overlay kits, gauges, seats, dash, carpet, consoles, etc, for ZR2's only, please.

  6. Wheels/Tires

    Wheels, tires, spacers, adapters, etc, for ZR2's only, please.

  7. Audio/Electronics/Lighting

    Stereos, amplifiers, speakers, boxes, CB's, electrical switches & supplies, fog/driving lights (aftermarket), LED's, Neon, etc.

  8. SFA swap/V8 swap/Misc ZR2 Parts

    SFA / V8 conversion parts, ZR2 manuals, model-specific tools, etc.

  9. Garage Sales/Parting Out

    Are you cleaning out a ton of stuff for a ZR2 that has been collecting dust over the years? Do you have a ZR2 to part out? Here's where you can list multiple items in 1 listing, in order to keep all your items together.

  10. Ebay/Craigslist/Dealer

    Post a link here to any ZR2 vehicle or ZR2 related item that you have found, that is now on Ebay or Craigslist or from a Dealer. Don't forget to give us the link.

  11. Anything & Everything Else

    Trying to sell your left kidney, a bazooka, or an '85 K5 Blazer tailgate? Here you may post an ad for anything NON-ZR2 related that you own, or know of, that is currently for sale. Be sure to include critical info (price, location, shipping info, photos, etc). Listings inactive longer than 30 days will be deleted.


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