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  2. My TurBlazer

    Guess I'll just have t settle for the fastest V6 ZR2.
  3. Ya think that's cool...watch this!

  4. Overhead console wiring help...Please!!??

    OK, this is were I'm at. I wired two orange from the ohc to the dome light (at back of truck). I also spliced in to the ground wire coming off of the dome light and white wire. Then hooked up the air temp and ran wire to the green from the ohc. Next tapped into the wire harness just before the computer (just past the passenger firewall) to green/white wire of the ohc. I am trying to figure out the last wiring that is the three wires gray,green,purple from the ohc to the radio. I can not seem to get it to power any thing. I tried tapping into connector spit 6-9-10 per the diagram given. Also tried connecting color for color and noting. Any help?
  5. Overhead console wiring help...Please!!??

    Hi OK so this is what I h
  6. My TurBlazer

  7. Overhead console wiring help...Please!!??

    This should help. http://www.zr2usa.com/mboard/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=20501
  8. Wheel Hubs

    My zr2 is growling like that now;from what I've read here,the whole hub has to be replaced?The bearings can't be pressed out in,or is it just quicker to replace the wheel hub assembly?
  9. My TurBlazer

    Not knowing how the engine was built I'd make the suggestion to go to studs for the heads instead of bolts when you tear it down to freshen it up. I'd also look around at available heads to see which ones offer the thickest deck. I don't know what you could do for the block that wouldn't affect cooling. If it wasn't for it being kept with street manners I'd suggest filling the block unless you know of a more robust block.
  10. My TurBlazer

    That's the definition of a sleeper! I think that is a lot faster than my TrailBlazer.😧
  11. My TurBlazer

  12. My TurBlazer

    Finally got the video. #racetruck https://youtu.be/Q5NEb7GoMDU
  13. Overhead console wiring help...Please!!??

    Yes. This one isn't ours, but ours is identical except ours doesn't have the white sticker and is out of a 2004 s-10 blazer.
  14. Overhead console wiring help...Please!!??

    You said the short console, does it have homelink?
  15. Hello, We are trying to install the short overhead console w/ mode switch (mpg etc.) in a 2001 s-10 zr2. Wiring is not our strong point!.....we purchased a manual off eBay and still can't figure it out. We can't even get the overhead console to power on and now the rear roof dome light isn't working either. We don't know what to do and don't want to give up! We have been looking for info on here but haven't found what we are looking for and most of the pictures are gone. Can someone please help us with this?? Does someone have a wiring diagram to wire the roof console or something?? Please and Thank you!
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  17. Rear bench seat fabrication for extended cabs

    My husband goes to the local pick n pull often because its pretty much out back from where we live. I will have him look when he goes next.
  18. Rear bench seat fabrication for extended cabs

    Had a bit of a setback today with having to fix our van, but will get some pics up soon along with some more detailed how to.
  19. Rear bench seat fabrication for extended cabs

    I don't remember if there is a center belt or not. I know the first gens did.
  20. Rear bench seat fabrication for extended cabs

    I’d like a update on how to An pics of the over head console I’ve been wanting one
  21. Rear bench seat fabrication for extended cabs

    Thanks for the link! Its funny you mentioned that because I was considering doing it Would that make the front seat a 3 seated or would it still be 2? I remember the old days always sitting in the middle of a 1977 Chevy custom deluxe standard cab with one foot on each side. That's why I figured its no big deal for the kids......i never minded and that's just how it was back then.
  22. Rear bench seat fabrication for extended cabs

    Could find a 60/40 setup for the front, that would fill the empty console space. http://www.greatcovers.com/media/customoptions/options/13807/86460/chevrolet-s10-seat-covers-front-bucket-backs-60-40-split-bottom-bench-c1030.jpg
  23. Rear bench seat fabrication for extended cabs

    Thanks! We decided not to use the center console because its less cramped and looks better in our opinion. Will get some finished pics soon. We are working on installing an overhead console, with temp, mpg and all that stuff.
  24. Usagoal's Engine build thread

    Very interesting... Thanks for that share.
  25. Usagoal's Engine build thread

    The edelbrock is a carb intake for the vortec 4.3. To use it it needs injector bungs welded in, a TB adapter, fuel rails, injectors, etc. A lot more work than the marine, but better overall. http://www.hotrodders.com/journal_photos/00019031/11131560220.jpg
  26. Usagoal's Engine build thread

    That is correct. Lower intake is cast iron, upper is cast aluminum, so they will tolerate a lot of boost. And having regular external injectors lends to nice options for injector sizing depending on setup.
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