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    Chevy S10
  1. Hi beedle, I'll just go ahead and order Lifters, Pushrods and Rocker Arms. Thinking of 1.52 roller rockers. Do we have a balance shaft in our engines? Might as well grab a camshaft too, saves on shipping. I just hope that it's done then. Thanks Elmar
  2. Hello, today my truck started to make a first a whining noise, followed by a loud clicking sound that sounds pretty much like metal on metal. The noise changes with rpm's. It happened after 20 miles on the highway ( avg 70 mph). I had a little noise from the lifters for a while now when I started the car in the morning. The noise is coming from the no 1 cylinder. I think it's a lifter since it got better after my truck sat in the driveway for a while and the oil was cooler. Just to make sure it's no accesory I let the engine idle with the serpentine belt off. Oil pressure is good. Does anyone know how to check this without tearing everything apart? Any input is very much apprecitated. Thanks Elmar
  3. It only took 10 minutes to do this. Thanks.