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  1. Official: 2017 Colorado ZR2

    My wife and I had this discussion shortly before the new ZR2 was for sale. We weighed out the equivalent Silvy vs the Colorado and yes, prices were quite similar, but insurance (for us) was higher, fuel economy was lower and the Z was more practical should she ever need to drive it. $50k is a shiload for a 3/4 size truck, but it has enough room for us and the current (and future) babies and it's incredibly practical. My dad has an '06 Silvy, and It's always seemed like it was too big for its own good (not an efficient use of the space provided, lacking some important creature comforts, etc.) So for me, the price sure is high, but I believe I can justify it. Plus, I WANT IT!!! But I'm nowhere close to buying one, I'm still not ready to sell my '02 blaZeR2 just yet...
  2. Official: 2017 Colorado ZR2

    well, saw my first Z on the road (funny thing, I had JUST told my dad that I've still not seen any driving around!) yesterday. White, quad cab, v6, factory roll bar installed. I have to say, they are a fine looking truck on the road. I'm not a big fan of white (compared to that blue and then green color) or the roll bar. Can't wait for the day I'm ready to buy one myself!
  3. Tubular control arms

    Well I'll be, those are some nice looking arms. I got the RC's because of the full size BJ's, but it certainly looks like the SL arms are a great option!
  4. Tubular control arms

    That's quite strange. They used to have a p/n for just the arms and gladly sold them to me w/o the kit...
  5. Tubular control arms

  6. Bumper Uprights or no?

    Hey guys. Been discussing this with jderekt a bit, but wondering what everyone thinks. I've Boondock bumpers front and rear and was thinking of making some uprights for the front. I don't live in an area with a lot of wildlife jumping all over the place (suburbia) and my off-roading is mostly limited to backwoods and trails, occasionally. Do you guys think uprights are worth the effort? Or should I just shut up and enjoy my bumper? :-D Thanks!!
  7. Air Compressors

    Find a military person, knock 10% off your purchase
  8. Tubular control arms

    Have you asked RC directly yet? They sold me just the arms and the price was pretty reasonable
  9. Official: 2017 Colorado ZR2

    Saw a blue zr2 at the dealer close to home. Didn't stop by, just saw it in passing, but I certainly like that color.
  10. Bravada shaft, iron diff, no front 4wd

    PM sent. Also, I might have been a moron with this. I totally spaced on the effects of the upgraded PS pump I installed at the same time. I was used to the stock pump having a little more trouble turning the wheels. My test earlier today was to go out into the creek bed close to my house and just try out difference scenarios. I found a nice steep step up with loose gravel on the lower portion. Tested in 2wd, and tires just spun - couldn't get up without some momentum. Put it in 4-lo and it barely took any momentum to get up and over. So I'm pretty sure 4wd is working. I'm going to confirm by throwing the truck on jack stands and watching the wheels, but otherwise, I might have just had a big D'oh! moment... I'm still going to double check the wiring, vac lines, vent line and TCCM wiring though, just to be safe. One day I'll put the dang 231 in there though!!!
  11. Bravada shaft, iron diff, no front 4wd

    Blazer has a 4 button, 236. No way it could be a broken chain. t-case worked flawlessly prior to front diff swap
  12. Bravada shaft, iron diff, no front 4wd

    I highly doubt the clutch is shot, as it was working perfectly fine right before the installation. Do you have any advice/guides on how to reset the TCCM?
  13. Found this imitation ZR2 on Craigslist

    Haha, ya I saw that one!
  14. Found this imitation ZR2 on Craigslist

    anyone have a cache of the page, or images of the truck? Currently being told it's flagged for removal
  15. Hey guys, Having a little issue with the 4x4 system. I've a iron front diff, bravada shaft and 236 t-case. Shifting into 4-lo (or high), I can distinctly hear the t-case shifting into gear and the gear ratio noticeably changes, but I've no front axle engagement. When I installed the iron diff and bravada setup, I only replaced the seals and changed the fluid, no disassembly. Any thoughts as to what may be causing this?

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