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  1. some folks here use redhead steering gears. Jderek had good luck with his. I'm considering one as well since i have a strange "dead" area in the center of my wheel. https://www.redheadsteeringgears.com/shop/
  2. You're selling?? How come? I always loved this bumper
  3. Online price says $48k or so, but I imagine there could be some dealer markup. I thought we were supposed to have the option of carpet delete/rubber floors if we wanted? That's what all the pre-production release articles said, anyone see anything supporting this?
  4. I fully expect a "loaded" diesel model to hit $50k, unless they make then available to damn near anyone, like the raptor. Regardless, I'm still 2 - 3 years out, as I'm just not ready to get rid of my blaZeR2 yet. Wife said the current Z and the jetta had to go before i could get the new Z as well as finish paying off ALL the student loans, and by that time, she'll likely want to move too, so who knows when!! That work truck is sweet though!!!
  5. ohhhh, can't wait to show the wife!
  6. my wife has given my the OK for one, BUT i have to pay off student loans first, AND sell the current Z and my jetta tdi. so needless to say, I might not be ready to buy one for a year or so... i wonder where the sliders are on the white one you posted thunderbear...
  7. dammit, i signed up for the updates from Chevy, and got NOTHING. thanks for the share Thunder! and call me crazy, but it'll be hard for me to say no to this truck. granted my wife REALLY wants me to get it too, so that always "helps"
  8. Adding diesel and crewcab will get you close to $50k i bet! What are the owners not impressed by? Any forums discussing it?
  9. looks like pricing starts at $41k: https://www.trucks.com/2017/02/08/2017-chevrolet-colorado-zr2-pickup-truck/ how do you know?
  10. close ups of anything!!
  11. you lucky sob!! how was it in person vs internet??
  12. if airflow is a concern, convert to an electric fan. my winch in my boondock bumper (with trans cooler and P/S cooler) doesn't block enough air to matter. I have a taurus fan and very rarely see temps above 205 (thermostat controller set here).
  13. http://www.autoblog.com/2016/11/18/2017-chevrolet-colorado-zr2-demonstration-course-video-la-auto-show/ http://truckyeah.jalopnik.com/what-really-makes-the-the-chevy-colorado-zr2-so-impress-1789066024
  14. don't discredit the twin turbo options people are developing! Derek, can you share that link??
  15. what do you think your tow rating will be after this? I need to integrate a hitch back into my boondock bumper, as it's kind of worthless w/o one! looks good, can't wait to see what you do with it!! and did you french in your license plate??