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  1. Hydro Boost *How To*

    So.. I have a question. Is there anything special with the 2500 pump? Do I just unbolt the 4.3 pump and bolt in the 2500 pump? Here's what I have so far.
  2. HELP fuel injector issue?

    Check the fuel pressure (there's a port near the back of the motor up top IIRC, someone will have to chime in on the correct pressure) just to rule out the fuel pump. Normally they just flat out quit (my experience) but, sometimes they can do weird things.
  3. Tubular control arms

    RC will sell just the control arms as a set if you call.
  4. Seat stud removal for lift blocks

    I tried once. Bent the Torx bit. I believe they're lock tight'ed from the factory, thats what makes them so difficult to get out. Maybe soak some penetrating oil for a could days then apply a little heat?
  5. The N2O ZR2 thread

    Not bad, guess I'm just a fan of the stock steelies. BTW, if you ever want a 16" steel wheel. 93-97 Camaro spare (or base V6 I think?). 16x7.5, 6.5" BS.
  6. The N2O ZR2 thread

  7. Greenlantern99's New Daily driver

    Nice list, don't forget the Bravada shaft.
  8. ZR2 BlazerBoy's BlaZeR2 Build

    Looks good, but alignment looks out.
  9. Kevin's Blazer Evolution Thread

    Didn't duck have a problem with the T-bars falling out after that?

    He decided not to use them. And yes but factory ZR2 flares have provisions on the flares to mount to the fender. The Jungle flares had literally no way to mount. Just a shell.

    Someone over on Blazerforum bought a set of the 4dr flares. He posted pictures over there. They don't mold any kind of mounting solution into the flares at all.
  12. Rough country 2 inch install

    Ah, sry, I just kinda skimmed the thread and must have missed that.
  13. Assume I'm using the ORD kit from 4wdfactory. Do the "stock" wagoneer springs in an SOA setup move the axle forward? I do know if you "flip" them it moves it foward something like 1.5 to 2". What about in the non "flipped" position?
  14. Rough country 2 inch install

    I'd recommend the 1 Ton idler arm adapter to go along with this. http://www.outfitterdesign.com/1-ton-idler-arm-bracket.html
  15. Kevin's Blazer Evolution Thread

    Nice, I don't think I even caught what size tires those are.

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