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  1. Nice, I don't think I even caught what size tires those are.
  2. This thread has a disturbing lack of pictures. (with the lift)
  3. Blazer I take it? Sunroof? That'd be the first place I'd check. Mine tends to leak if I park it on a decline and it rains real good. Although it leaks into the overhead console.
  4. Hell, my Z is stock and can't hold an alignment. Partly why it's parked right now, I'm afraid the frame is cracked but, haven't dug into it to make sure.
  5. I wondered why the forum went a little funky for a day or so.
  6. Unless you're willing to hack the piss out of your fenders (I know I'm not) you're gonna need atleast a 2" body lift and somewhere around 1.5" of Torison crank (plus whatever in the rear to match) with some trimming.
  7. Basically a 33x12.50 (Some say 33.4x12.50, others... 33x13ish)... so unless you have a suspension lift or a body lift and some crank along with some trimming you're not gonna have a good time.
  8. Why would you need to swap the ECM? The blocks and accessories should be the same for the most part.
  9. Bump
  10. Specs on Blazer? Those look like 33s.
  11. Did you get a full 2 inches? Did you do the one ton steering? Any issues with CVs?
  12. Was diggin through RockAuto. They make adjustable ball joints for the full sizes (like 3 degree's more adjustment). Not sure if they'd be any use for us though.
  13. Think they could make the ass ends sit any higher?
  14. Are the axle shafts in our rear axles the same width? Dorman show's them at 30.87 (They also show them as left/right). Possibility I may need to order custom shafts (with a changed bolt pattern). Just tryin to confirm info.
  15. Skip to bout :50 .