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  1. Thanks. Not in a pickle yet truck just makes a hell if a noise in 4x4. Don't wanna take ur backup
  2. Any one happen to have a 3 button transfer case? Kinda pooched mine.
  3. Everytime i bought i truck/car i always ended up putting the addresses on it
  4. Takes a lot to scare me off lol
  5. I think they will give you the money for 6 months prior if i'm not mistaken.
  6. Where are you planning on going??
  7. Just wanted to make sure this was the right spider assy to upgrade from scpi to mpfi, Cheapest i found it was rockauto for 208 part # FJ10565 Thanks
  8. if it was both your brake light and abs like mine did it was the abs motor, its right beside your master cylinder. least that what it was for me
  9. everytime i changed my pump i replaced the filter, and last time we had it out the tank looked clean from what i can tell
  10. I put a secondary ground after the first one and i rarely let my truck go below a 1/4 tank and when i get my new pump I'm going to blow out the lines before I put it in. What could be causing my pumps to burn out wiring wise, just so i know what to look for?
  11. Just wondering how many fuel pumps you guys have gone through, my 3rd delphi just died on me two days ago, All together i've had 1 airtex and soon to be 4 delphi. This would be fine if it wasn't all in a year and half. Anyone else have this kind of luck?
  12. Where are they are Planning on going I might be down for some wheeling
  13. I'm in for some zed wheeling give me a chance to test out my new tires!
  14. Trucks lookin good! Where was this? The old floodway?