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  1. V8 Swap Questions

    Ahh ok, I was thinking my buddy was confused when he told me it was a 5.7 with individual coil packs. Whats the troubles/differences of doing the 5.3 versus the 5.7. And I'm looking at doing it, because its not my DD anymore, and it would cost me way less than 5K to do it since my best friend is a mechanic and wants to do it, i'm just looking into what needs to be done! Ontop of the fact that my computer is toast! lol I didnt know about the PCM on ebay, something I may look into if I decide not to tackle this! Thanks for the quick responses!
  2. Hey, Ive been reading around for the past few days, and cant seem to find any clarification on what I would like to do. I have a 2002 Blazer ZR2. I'm looking at putting in a 5.7L from a 02 to 04 yukon that I have at my disposal. The questions I've got so far are: - will I need to use the stock computer, or can I used the one from the 5.7L and that harness? Whats the difference? (My stock computer is fried for some reason, which is what started the thoughts of this, lol) - How does it work using individual coil packs that this motor has? I'll update when I think of some more here! TIA
  3. power door locks

    ok so i've checked that all out. Everything seems to be connected and fine. I've also noticed that my rear defrost doesnt work all of a sudden as well. Seems strange. Dont know if they're related in any way. all connections that I know of for the rear defrost is connected. *shrugs* stumped!
  4. power door locks

    thx... i'll check it out and see if we hit it while we were in there or anything... is there any relays or anything in there for it?
  5. Anyone running M/T MTZ's?

    extremely happy with them... work very well!
  6. power door locks

    can anyone tell me where the relay or control center for it is? Mine stopped working and it was right after I put in my sub/amp. Dont know if that has anything to do with it... or if we fried a relay or something somehow? check all fuses and all are good. thanks
  7. 02zr2


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