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  1. I've bought 04' Blazer after rollover. I want to change an engine and ECM to my ZR2 but... I have manual transmission. 04' Blazer is with Automatic Transmission. New engine is without EGR valve so I want to change all... engine, wiring, ecm. Is this possible to use A/T ECM with M/T ? How to do it ? Does anybody know how to change it ? Swaping only engine is easy but I want to have new, better programmed ECM.
  2. Yes, today I swap my old BFG AT/KO to new Kumho KL-71. There was a lot of cut...
  3. Remove driveshaft Very funny, hi hi... I was sure that front drive shaft is disconnected like in NP231 when I drive 2WD. Ok... thats all. Thank You for fast response.
  4. I've got a 99' ZR2 with Autotrac transfer gear. I saw that on 2HI front drive shaft is still running and connected with rear.. It's strange... Front diff is disconnected by actuator. It looks like transfer gear is always in Auto 4WD. How to disconnect front drive shaft and what check in transfer gearbox ? I've tried changing 2Hi - 4Lo many times but front drive shaft is still in connection with rear.
  5. I'm going to change oil in my transmission. Is it possible to use some synthetic oil instead GM syncromesch ?
  6. Simple open flow muffler (2,5'' pipe, 6''diameter, length like on foto). I think every muffler with that dimensions especially length and diameter (bigger=better) will sound pleasure. Theory says that open exhaust cut high tones, closed (barrier like FM) cut low tones. Pipe ending must be beyond the car body ! If its not - it's too loud in the car especially low freq's are horrible to your ears.
  7. Strange... There are three mp3 files. You can save them locally by choosing this in context menu or open in Winamp. I'm sure it works properly. I agree with rennat_2006 - 2 many Z's clips doesn't work.
  8. It tooks me 3 hours to make my exhaust. I found muffler as long as original. (foto 1) Mounting surface is taken from another complete exhaust from Blazer LT (foto 2). Pipe 2,5'' I found on recycle plant. Pipe ending came from an Audi A6 (foto 3). THE SOUNDCLIPS. Soundclip 1 - recorded professional Sony mic and DAT tape. Soundclip 2 - recorded my camera Soundclip 3 - recorded my camera - live in the car
  9. For 7'' rims choose 33x10,5 tires - looks better (not shrunken). Im my opinion minimum for 33x12.5 is 8'' rim.
  10. Change the transmission oil. Use synthetic oil. Drive-line in manual tranny is always connected with engine so when you take off your leg from gas pedal your engine will stop your car as fast as high rpm's your engine had. There is no freewheel like automatic tranny. You can stop your car using engine - similar to change 3,2,1 gears by hand.
  11. G80 has LS clutch - 3 plates responsible for turning locker on and off.
  12. I use Mobil 75W90 SHC LS (with friction modifier) in the rear axle. G80 has some LSD components so I use LS oil. It doesn't hurt but always can help
  13. My friend had problem P1870. I bought valve body from this guy Works great. but... your problem looks like an old oil and filter.
  14. Like I said - KL71's are best solution for daily riding. No. 1 M/T's on highway - fast and quiet.
  15. In my opinion straight pipe is the worst solution. I used 20''/2,5'' muffler with open flow construction. It doesn't matter producer and source car. Theory says that mufflers like FM are cutting low frequencies because of internal barriers. Open mufflers cut only high frequencies and thats what we like. Find 20'' long 2,5'' pipe and about 8''diameter muffler and put it instead original. Replace pipe to 2,5'' and i'm sure that in low range rpm's bass will kill your ears. There is no popping. 2000-5000rpm is quieter than 1000-1500. Try to reduce to 2'nd in tunnel and thunderstorm will come. Automatics in my camera cut all sounds of my exhaust so I cannot record it. I'll try to record direct into computer so I will publish what it sounds like. I think it sounds like DNA but a more softly in high rpm.