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  1. New and now completely obsessed ZR2 owner!

    Stock Bilstiens in the rear are great and last a long time, sometimes hard to get tho.

    Crazy glue
  3. Bed side decal..?

    I was able to order some OEM decals from a dealer not to long ago, there are 2 color schemes for the OEM decals one for light body colors and one for dark, they are contrasting so they show up better. Of course there are a wide variety of aftermarket ZR2 decals available on ebay and a lot of them are very nice just not OEM due to copyrights.
  4. Maryland near D.C. 

  5. FS - '02 BlazeR2, 180k miles

    Where are you located?
  6. Parking Brake Light staying ON

    Locate the brake vacuum booster/master cylinder on the driverside firewall, then follow the fluid lines to the ABS distribution/control unit. 1st thing is to check the underhood and dash fuse blocks for a bad one.
  7. Parking Brake Light staying ON

    Most likely electrical, but have you actually checked the little drum brakes inside the rear discs? I dont remember any electrical connections back there, but hey maybe. How about an electrical check of the switch on the park brake itself, fuses (might be 2), dash, and engine bay?
  8. Offroad bumper with KC lights

    Nice job. Suggestions, for a headlight gap filler how about a garage door weatherstrip, its flexible (so one strip should wrap all the way across and around to the wheel well), strong, weather proof, and black, it may not be paintable tho. To match up the flairs (replace the flairets) how about a block of rubber carved and sanded to match or a molded piece of fiberglass (like guys make custom speaker cabs from). Finally may I suggest a couple of small square or rectanguler LED fog/running lighs embeded into the bumper in cut outs. You've got a lot of options since you already have the hard part done, good luck.
  9. 99 4.3 into 2001zr2

    I believe if you swap the ECM it will retain all the settings (crank sensor, fuel lean/rich etc.) and save some hassel/cost of having a different ECM from relearning these, for instance the crank position relearn can only be done at a dealer or a shop that has an equivalent diagnostic computer. Also since he has the ECM for that specific engine why not use it and save the ECM from the dead engine, maybe have that one tuned for performance or mileage. Also I cant say for sure but different years they changed the electrical connections on the ECM, and also the polution crapola. I may be mistaken on exactly what the ECM is storing but it just seems that if you have an engine that is running correctly with the ECM it has, why chance a problem with the ECM from an engine that died? Who knows what kind of codes the ECM from the dead engine has stored and how it will interact with the good engine that may have a somewhat different setup. Also don't they have the engine serial #'s encoded? Kinda like the way the stock radios are locked to the BCM and require a dealer relearn if they get swaped to another vehicle. It's just a couple of plugs and a few screws, maybe ten minutes work, nothing really compared to the whole engine swap proceedure.
  10. 99 4.3 into 2001zr2

    Engine Control Module, & I would strip off as much of the pollution control crap as you can. Also some states dont allow moving backwards for engines, but if they dont do emmisions testing you should be good, if they do and plug into the OBD II port then you may have a situation. Is the Blazer a 4 door?
  11. 2002 Blazer to 2002 S10 ZR2 Transmission Swap

    You didn't mention if the donor is 4X4, and if both have the same pushbutton configuration (autotrak on the blazer?) if not you may need to take some parts off the Z tranny (bell housing, tail?) to make it work. So it may not be plug and play but it should fit. Don't forget these added costs and if your not doing the swap yourself there will be some heavy (maybe more than the whole donor) labor costs. I'm looking at this myself so I've been checking into it vs 1800-2500 for a rebuilt unit or having my own rebuilt with some improved parts like corvette servos.
  12. How clean is the air filter, but I would bet jderekt is right with a cat thats going bad, those front O2 sensors probable got cooked by the higher back pressure holding in the heat, it's still open enough to let low to moderate flow but once the throttle body is fully open the cat cant pass gas (exhaust wise), and we all know what ist's like to be plugged up. Maybe the muff (ler) but you'll need to do your own muff diving.
  13. PO128, again...

    Did you backflush the whole system til it runs clear? or change to regular antifreeze and dump the DEX?
  14. Clean way to delete oil cooler lines?

    As above, but if you make the lines use armored ones, otherwise that cheap adapter gets it done.
  15. Rear bumper extension

    '98 and older are different from the newer ones, otherwise it should work.

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