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  1. AXLs Then these have already been posted before but I figured why not: Mavericks Just food for thought. Both come in sizes that would fit close to stock.
  2. What kind of wheels are those? (Maker, Model, etc) If you don't mind me asking.
  3. Castrol Full Synthetic 5W-30.
  4. I'm gonna be getting the 16"x7" Models of the new chrome American Racing Maverick. 5.57" backspacing. Doesn't weigh a lot either.
  5. So how does this thing do performance wise? A good improvement? I want to replace my CRMB piece on my BlaZeR2.
  6. I would stay away from CRMB. I probably got one of the last pipes they had and the O2 bungs were too big and the flange holes were too close together. Had a local shop seal 'em and mount some new ones, and then blow the flange holes out a little bigger. Of course I also had problems with the exhaust shop mounting the pipe. Guy was in a rush and wouldn't take his time to mount it properly. I actually don't think mine leaks. I'll know when I get my converter replaced that got screwed from driving around a day or so with O2 sensors hangin' out. I also need to check the manifolds.
  7. AR Mavericks (Brand New) AR Outlaw IIs AR Aero
  8. Howdy from a fellow South Carolinian.
  9. Howdy from your neighbor to the south.
  10. Simply amazing.
  11. Just went to summit and went to hoods and noticed it had the GenIII. Now, this grabs my attention because for the past year or so it only had the GenI and GenII hoods listed, they had removed the GenIII. So I go to Goodmark's website and they also have it back up on the site but it is out of stock. Any opinions? Think they are gonna re-releasing it?
  12. Anyone notice American Racing lately? It looks like they have bought Helo, KMC, and some others. Cause they have some of their wheels on the Amercian Racing website right along side the American Racing wheels. Plus they have come out with some new wheels. I like this one 16x7 with 5.57" backspacing:
  13. Go 4V or higher.
  14. Where did you get your intake from? I really like the way it looks Unfortunately I don't know if they carry Injen anymore. Injen doesn't make one exactly like mine anymore either. On their website ( they have a short ram intake which has the metal tubing, but not the metal elbow. On, they have the Injen PowerFlow intake for our trucks.
  15. I've had this Injen intake for 4 years and it's never given me a problem. But I paid like $250. Was it worth it? Maybe not, but it is metal and the metal elbow that goes on to the TB has Injen engraved into it and it looks really good. I did put an inverted K&N cone filter on it as well. Stock Injen filter vs K&N inverted cone filter: