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  1. Thanks Kevin... Just a little update. I got the radiator ordered and on it's way.. I picked it up from a guy on ebay (dissrad). He was asking 550.00 then it went down to 495.00. I offered 430.00 +45 shipping..
  2. Final assembly... I drilled the dipstick tube...I upgraded to the GM HD timing chain (#GM 12646386) and a dog bone style dampener (# GM 12588670)... Just need headers and fuel lines and filter. Waiting on mounts and wiring. I'm going with a 2 row aluminum radiator and fans/shround from a guy on ebay.. it has the filler tube just like CPW , at a savings of over half.. A condenser like CPW is only 100 or so...
  3. Have you tried the thick aluminum collector gaskets? They lasted longer for me... They blow out so frequently, I just decided to double up on the cheapo Mr Gasket ones.....
  4. I don't know how to weld.. I can get it done though... I just don't want to make that mistake. Just being cautious..
  5. I don't think I trust myself doing that. The block is aluminum so things could go wrong quickly. I talked to my machinist today, he said he could do it. That will be the last resort prior to a new block.
  6. Ok, weird problem. I tried to install the H3 oil pan, and noticed there was no provision for the dipstick. A search revealed that the LS1 blocks have it, but it is plugged. My block has no provision for that. So my choices now are machining the block to make one. Since the TB pan is a front sump, It might clear the cross member, it will be a pain to change the oil filter, but I think it might just be doable. If anyone knows if it can be done, chime in. or an alternative.
  7. Cam is in, new springs and seals...
  8. What timing sets are ppl using for the 5.3L other than factory? My engine (LM4), has no timing belt tensioner....
  9. Water pump, cam, and springs came in today, along with the PS pump pulley, Degree wheel tomorrow...Boy, I'm gonna be busy tomorrow.
  10. OK, of course I couldn't wait. I did get my pump in today.. So I had to put it together to see how fit and finish is.. It is the easiest install I did it in about 15 minutes. Alternator isn't in all the way since I believe the lower bolts go through the water pump tensioner holes. It came with a new tensioner pulley. Not sure if I like it. It's a smooth one. I got a cam from Brian Tooley Racing. It's a 212/218 .553/.553 113+2. It came as a kit with your choice of GM LS6 springs, or Tooley LS6 equivalent springs. I opted for his springs. $449.00. It's suppose to be safe with stock springs and pushrods. Intake is a LS6. Waiting on cam and a cover gasket, then I can button it all up and ready for install. I also had the stock 862 heads milled down about .0025 so compression should be in the 10:2 range.
  11. Got the brackets from ICT Billet today.. They look awesome. Shipping was 3 days.. Packaged well and each pack has a set of instructions. I chose the Turbo kit. They said that it brings the Alt and PS pump in closer for more room for turbo headers. I won't be putting a turbo on, and even if I did, it would be inline with the exhaust around the muffler area anyway. I'll get pics of it installed once I get the water pump and power steering pump in. Probably tomorrow. Just need headers and fuel fittings. Waiting on CPW for the harness and mounts. Hopefully they've fixed the issues. If not, I'll give ICT a try, I think they have mounts also.
  12. No, maybe later down the road. I never used it that much anyway.
  13. I would go with Holley, but the location of the Alt and price changed my mind.... This kit is 199.00.
  14. Thanks Kev.... If you run an LS1/LS6 intake the water neck from the truck pump hits the throttle body. Using an LS1 WP moves the neck to a straight out position. If you use the truck balancer, then you have to get the spacers for it. I'm using a LS6 intake with a 98-02 Camaro water pump and power steering pump/reservoir. Alt on the passenger side and a high mount PS pump.
  15. I need some pics of how others have done there fuel filter install. Also, how many AN fittings does it take. By my count, I would need 4 3/8 push locks. Filter(3) and rail(1) and 2 5/16 for return. I also found a place called ICT Billet that has mounts for alternator and power steering pump. It puts the Alt on the pass side and a high mount steering pump using the truck balancer. Can use either LS1 water pump or truck style dependent on what intake you run. http://www.ictbillet.com/ls/brackets/truck-or-ls3-camaro-crank-pulley-3-part-s/alternator-and-or-power-steering-brackets/water-pump-truck.html