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  1. Kevin's LSJUAN Swap Thread

    I didn't know you already head one. Well at least you know when to back it down. How hot are you seeing?
  2. Kevin's LSJUAN Swap Thread

    Before you stress out about your trans cooler being too small, get a gauge on there and prove you need it. It's not like you're racing Baja.... If it starts getting warm, just back off for a while and let it cool down. You don't need a fan on your trans cooler. The radiator fans will pull plenty of air across it.
  3. Kevin's LSJUAN Swap Thread

    Any reason you're using a e-fan controller instead of the PCM? Asking because every e-fan controller I've ever used has shit out on me, including the $$$ ones. A big fuse, and a big relay triggered by the PCM seems to be the most reliable solution I've found.
  4. Kevin's LSJUAN Swap Thread

    When I was thinking about a cam for my LS1, every shop I talked to said they recommend upgrading to a newer, wider, stronger timing chain and gears. LS2 IIRC. I was told the LS1 chain stretches too much when you turn up the power at all.
  5. Kevin's LSJUAN Swap Thread

    Photobucket sucks. I can't even use that site anymore, there are so many pop-ups and ads. Sorry, I don't have any advice on your problem.
  6. Kevin's Blazer Evolution Thread

    Agreed, they just dig holes. A lot of guys use them because they like the way they look and are useful in the mud too. Look at all the people who run mud tires on their 8000# diesels that will never leave the pavement. Just because they like the look.
  7. Cherokee axle swap?

    If you beat on your truck, the D30 will not be any better than the stock IFS, especially with spacers of offset wheels to make the width match.
  8. Kevin's Blazer Evolution Thread

    Just food for thought, Kevin.... if you recall Josh used to have paddles and he said he regretted buying them. His truck did not go down the strip any faster with them than without because he didn't make enough horsepower to be losing traction and need paddles. Unless you're spinning like crazy off the line in 4x4, paddles aren't going to gain you anything as far as speed down the strip, especially since it's usually wet and traction is plentiful. And he hated dealing with the headache of changing them all the time. The only thing you're gaining is the ability to drive around without 4x4, which with your newly found horsepower, may become an issue in the future. I've talked to a few other guys that had paddles on stock-ish trucks and they said the same thing.
  9. Kevin's Blazer Evolution Thread

    I agree with John. Don't get boggers for the sand. They just dig holes and they're HEAVY. Since you have extra tires, send them out to have paddles put on. They'll buff them down to smooth then glue paddles on. They'll be a fraction of the weight. Rotating mass is the most important place to lose weight.
  10. Kevin's LSJUAN Swap Thread

    Just put it everywhere for insurance. I don't know if they make any for gasoline or not.
  11. Kevin's Blazer Evolution Thread

    Dark gray would look nice.
  12. 2001 ZR2 6.2L Swap

    You'll love it. That trans is badass. Huge, but badass. I have an aftermarket manifold for the cooler lines I don't need if you want it.
  13. MSD plug wires

    AC Delco > MSD. I mad major failures with MSD. No problems with AC Delco.
  14. Kevin's LSJUAN Swap Thread

    Anything aluminum block is $$$$$.
  15. Dunes 2017

    It's been done many times. The problem is you're at the mercy of the rental car companies for what vehicle you get. The other option is to rent any car, then rent a Jeep at the dunes. A lot more $$$ but you're guaranteed something that can get around out there.

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