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  1. LM4 swap, 04 Blazer ZR2

    I wouldn't say that my Sandersons are garbage. I did have some issues with the collectors leaking, but that is because I was using the cheap paper gaskets (they were what the parts store had in stock the day I needed them). Since I switched to the nicer ones it has been fine.
  2. LM4 swap, 04 Blazer ZR2

    Nice work guys! Better keep moving, the snow will be flying in Michigan before to long!
  3. Kevin's LSJUAN Swap Thread

    Haven't updated this in a while. In the dunes I was able to get the trans to 220° pretty easily, especially after a few runs on the drag strip. I haven't done much else, just been driving it. I did have the y-pipe redone in August, truck sounded better after that. Louder and throatier. John can confirm. Tonight I redid more of the exhaust. It's now 2.5 (or 2.25 IDK) Y-Pipe to 3" out the back, through just a Flowmaster 40. Sounds GREAT! Its a bit louder, raspier, and overall better sounding. Good improvement for the cost of some 3" pipe and a case of beer.
  4. LM4 swap, 04 Blazer ZR2

    Coming along nicely! As for the manifolds, spring for some aftermarket ones. They are lighter and flow better. My Sanderson headers were a great fit. My o ly complaint is that I should have spent the $ for the ceramic coated ones!
  5. Looking to pick up a 60 gallon for the garage. I don't want a loud oil-less one. I'd really like a USA made model, but they are pretty hard to find and they seem to be 2x the price Anyone have recommendations? At this point I'm looking at the following models, based on their local availability. Kobalt VT6362 from Lowes. I like that the compressor is assembled in the USA, and the take in made in the USA. The motor is Mexico and the cast iron pump is China. Not all USA, but not terrible. Porter Cable PCXM601 from TSC. Similar scenario - USA assembled w/global components. Everything between these two is about the same - Price, amperage, HP, max PSI, CFM levels, and dB levels. Where I think the Kobalt edges out is it has a better duty cycle - 75% compared to the 50% of the PC. Kobalt is also a 3 year warranty compared to a 2 year with the PC. I can also use a Lowes card and save 5% on the Kobalt! Anyone have suggestions for other compressors to be looking at?
  6. LM4 swap, 04 Blazer ZR2

    I know they are not race cars But for how much you gain with a $300 cam its worth it IMO. I need to do an iron front diff w/ bolt in CVs. I know this wasn't directed at me, but my CPW mounts didn't work at all originally. I had to have them make me a new set with more adjust-ability. Everything needed to go farther forward to clear my HVAC box. I have pics in my build thread. I'm running (and most guys even with the 4.3s!) an AD244. 145 amps, direct bolt in. Also not directed at me, but I am using F-Body accessories on mine. The water pump is actually the original one from the donor The alternator was re-used, and I purchased a new vette PS pump. I still have not installed my AC compressor but that will be a compact R4 style. I traded my LS1 intake for a 5.3 intake. The LS1 looked WAYYYYYY nicer, but they make more power in the upper end, whereas the truck intakes are designed for more low end torque. I think the runners on them are taller. I really want to pick up a FAST 102MM haha, but I'll probably end up with a 5.3 intake that I will shave and paint at some point this winter. You forgot your AC compressor What radiator are you running? I can check my notes for the P/Ns I used on mine.
  7. So many versions

    I should have said "aside from the TT caddy, I wonder what the differences are". It will be interesting to see how much gain could be hand from interchange parts.
  8. LM4 swap, 04 Blazer ZR2

    You should have, cheap performance and between the cam and a tune it really wakes the LS up. Would also be a perfect time to get rid of the NV3500! I need to get my tuning squared away and run my Blazer. I think I should be in the 13s. I'm also scared the aluminum front diff is going to self destruct if I 4wd launch haha
  9. LM4 swap, 04 Blazer ZR2

    Nice work! Did you touch the motor at all before you dropped it in? Would have been the perfect time for a cam!
  10. 2001 Jimmy clutch pedal install

    Not many folks here go to a manual. Most swap to an auto!
  11. My TurBlazer

    What did it run?
  12. Engine go boom

    Is it un-boomed yet??
  13. My factory keyless remote quit working suddenly

    That is odd, it sounds like something may be going bad. Dumb question, but how is your main battery? Mine truck did weird stuff when the battery shit the bed. Rear glass would unlock, locks cycle, etc.
  14. wiring harness short. easy way to remove/inspect?

    I think you are correct that the harness is the TCCM. I also think that the harness uses a ground in the back of one of the heads, so be careful if you are pulling the harness out.
  15. 03 S-10 Daytime running Light Grief

    I would start by checking the grounds on the core support. Bad grounds can cause weird things to happen.

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