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  1. I'm not aware of anyone tring it, but it's certainly an interesting idea!
  2. I personally think it looks cleaner without! If it were me I'd keep them off and also remove all the other badging!
  3. Maybe it's me, but that weight just seems light for a 33. I think my 33 Mickey's were around 48/tire.
  4. They wouldn't use a different converter between S10 and Blazer, would they?
  5. I dont recall anyone from here with an LSA on their LS swapped rig. It should be the same as any LS platform install for the most part. At least I would think. I hate to send you elsewhere, but you may have better luck on LS1TECH. Either way, make a thread and keep us posted. I keep thinking about boost for my LS1
  6. Nice!
  7. I'd probably just weld a bolt on as well.
  8. Thanks
  9. Frustrating. Still getting the lean codes even with the good collector gaskets. Not starting any better with the new cam sensor either. Also throwing the P1133 and P1153. Where this go off it runs like total shit. I'm talking can hardly move, and then as soon as I clear them it's fine. I'm thinking perhaps I have an exhaust leak around the collector still (welds or gaskets) or I have bad 02s. One of those is probably causing the lean, 1133 and 1153 codes. When the latter are tripped it just dumps fuel in. As for the Cam Position codes, I don't know.
  10. Got new collector gaskets in the other night and it sounds better. They must seal better because I'm not getting any lean codes anymore, although I havent really driven much since I installed them. I did drive it around the block though and it was stumbling and hesitating terribly. I two footed it to get the Rs up and got on it and then it ran fine. Maybe it was just loaded up with fuel? Also put the new cam position sensor in last night. No more codes and it fires up at the first key turn, although it stumbles for a few seconds before leveling out. I think tuning should take care of that.
  11. Yea, sounds like a broken Lumbar. Not sure if repairs are difficult or not.
  12. Yea, that would be ideal. I will do that when I re-do the entire exhaust, but that is not likely this year. It's such a pain to get the driver side header out I only want to do it once. And when I do I'll have them coated as well. I wish I would have done them in the first place
  13. I drove home, through town, after a party last night with open headers Not sure how I didn't get pulled over, it's not exactly low key.
  14. I need to figure out what is going on with my collector gaskets. I blew out another set last night. I noticed a few weeks ago that it was getting loud, but I had some vacations and was busy so I parked it. Yesterday I went and re-torqued the header bolts, they were loose and probably part of the leak. I also noticed the passenger side collector gasket was partially blown out. So I got new gaskets for both sides, this time I added some high temp RTV thinking it would hold them together better. Nope, passenger side blew out after < 100 miles, and all 3 bolts backed out. The driver side is still intact, but only has 2 bolts loosely holding it on. Not sure what gives, but it's annoying. The passenger side bolts are such a PITA to get to I'm not looking forward to doing it again. Is it possible I cranked the bolts down to much, causing the gaskets to crack and fall apart. Once that happens I could see the bolts vibrating loose since there would be some play.
  15. Hello from Michigan!