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  1. Dunes 2017

    I was just there last weekend! So was John. And Anthony!
  2. BobbyDuke's ZR2 Thread

    Looks good!
  3. Aftermarket LED Bar and Fog Lights

    That's what I did as well.
  4. Bravada shaft kits flairs snorkels n more!

    Seems like that always happens - when it comes time to put up $$ people disappear. I'm sure Knaffle and DW know that all to well!
  5. The N2O ZR2 thread

    Still just going to see Blazer tail lights

    Interested to see how they turn out!
  7. Dunes 2017

    We just got setup on the North end of the dunes. Big blue easy up!
  8. Dunes 2017

    Looks like I'll be rocking a 2wd ZR2 this weekend.
  9. Dunes 2017

    Ahhh gotcha
  10. Dunes 2017

    I sent you a PM. But I am confused, are you coming up this weekend or next?
  11. Dunes 2017

  12. Kevin's LSJUAN Swap Thread

    There is a gauge on it, that is why I am worried Agreed about the fans.
  13. Kevin's LSJUAN Swap Thread

    Exactly what I plan to do!
  14. Dunes 2017

    I just spent a bunch of money on this trans and converter, dont need to destroy anything, especially since I have another trip planned at the beginning if August.
  15. Kevin's LSJUAN Swap Thread

    I think with a bigger cooler the dual Flex-A-Lite fans will move enough air to keep it cool. The engine temp never fucking gets hot, even in 90 degree heat.

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