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    GMC Highrider
  1. Iv'e got an area set up in the back of the shop....kind of a mix match. But its set up how i like it.....
  2. Whats in your toolbox..? Do you favor a certain brand...or like me..have a mish mosh of all kinds of stuff (mostly Craftsman, Kobalt, Husky )..I have been upgrading a little at a time to Carlyle, and Gearwrench.. I have friends that spin wrenches for a living and owe half their check each week to the Snap On guy...and they admit that aside from some of the specialty tools, anything above Gearwrench is a "vanity" purchase...the math just dosnt work for the tool truck brands..with the offshore stuff as good as it is now....Is country of origin important to you..(Made in USA...? ) Or do you just buy what gets the job done... What do you think about Stanley buying Craftsman...? They say they are going to honor the warranty...??
  3. Got it now...but thx..that makes sense...
  4. Yep.....that was one of the 3....not sure what the significance was between the other 2...but they had to order mine from the warehouse...There was so much slop in my old one...u could move the pitman arm a good 1/2in either way before the input shaft would move...seems odd for a truck with less than 100,000 miles....but she's tight now... And she's really mine now...left some skin and blood in
  5. Hey 1 new here myself...But Welcome...from Ohio...This place is kinda dead, but your right...those that came before us have left a wealth of knowledge.. Super nice Ztruck by the way....
  6. Today is the day....The parts store shows 3 different ones for my truck, so put in the VIN...still shows 3 different ones. So i need to pull it out..and take it down there..Did the Z trucks come with a different steering gearbox than a standard 4x4...?
  7. Fast lane trucks has a good vid about the new ZR2 on youtube....i think its awesome...front and rear factory lockers, and the front bumper is cut away at the tires..Has some cutesy electronic pitch and roll thing on the dash thats not really useful... But cool truck.. Im not sure if its $46,000 cool tho....?
  8. Still looking for replacements....and will pay xtra for some that are already
  9. Well.....there was enough of the bolt sticking thu the bottom that i could double nut it and use my big breaker bar..On the passenger side had to bend the exhaust heat shield back a little bit to get to it... But its crazy..GM really....didnt want those bolts to ever come
  10. Thanks for the info...since i bought mine, seems like i see them without decals quite a bit, so ive wondered if they have been repainted..or if they just never had them...but that makes sense...Do know which ones would be correct for a 2000...
  11. Ok....Did the Sonoma get a different decal than the S10..?
  12. My 2000 GMC Sonoma has been repainted, so i dont know if it ever had them...and when i look up pics on the net..dont find any that have did that year just not get any..? If they did..i would like to get the ones correct for that year, there are so many different ones available. Any help much appreciated...Also noticed the GMC, and Sonoma badges are on the wrong sides
  13. Thanks...i tried the bolt hot enough to smoke the carpet..and had a cheater pipe on the ratchet...broke another snap on T50... My try welding a bolt to it..?
  14. I know this is an old thread...but im having trouble with the T50 bolt now....wondering if any new ideas...? Did they use some kind of super duper loc-tight on
  15. Thanks for the welcome guys... Sorry for the crappy pic..have a couple lights out in the garage right It's a 2000 with 92,000 rust anywhere. Interior is pretty good, but seats are pretty broke down and handles broken off. I had to replace the radiator and serp belt. Steering is a little sloppy..the only thing with any play in it was the idler arm, so replaced that. Still has some slop, so im thinking the gearbox needs adjusted, or replaced..? Its not my daily driver..just just been on the forum..learning alot about the Zs..and doing little stuff..