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  1. the LED cubes fit great in the tow hook location. i have a couple amazon cheapies down there and they work great, and only cost about 30$ for a nice harness, switch and both lights
  2. yea it doesnt take much trimming to do, as long as you dont get a crazy offset wheel, you should only have to trim the inside of the rear flares and maybe take the flarettes off. from my understanding the 2" SL is a lot of work for little reward.
  3. Save some money and just trim a little with a BL. I stuffed 32s under mine at stock height no rubbing.
  4. as long as you run the factory size tires i think the most you would have to do is a little fender trimming
  5. Run it to the ground, then upgrade to a 5.7
  6. Dont know about size but the ZR2 is stamped ZR2 on the inside haha
  7. Ya I saw that, I'm looking to start from scratch again though, my old ones running around Tacoma still I believe. Saw a straight axle blazer up at crystal a week and a half ago too. Very jealous.
  8. Lookin to get me a new project z here this weekend, sold my old one a few years ago and been regretting it since!
  9. Really? ive never seen one in washington
  10. My front end is falling apart, and i need to start gathering parts for a SAS stat. i dont even feel safe driving it anymore so if theres anyone in the area that has done one and could maybe help me out let me know. Thanks
  11. Count me in for a Z wheelin trip. Im going to have to replace a ton of front end parts first though. ill have my brother and couple of my friends bring their Z's too. im in FW so im kind of halfway between a lot of you guys.
  12. Theres a black Z on 20's :/ that lives somewhere around me speeds a lot, atleast around me haha member? sorry no pics any members around federal way trying to go wheelin sometime?
  13. well i had the balljoints done a month before i did the lift and there was no angle on my cv shaft so thats what made me think i didnt move them up enough. i raised them up now and it rides a lot smoother, but i sill need to replace all 4 balljoints, and my tierods. shouldnt be drivin it but i got no choice
  14. could it be possible that i didnt crank my tbars back to stock height which caused it to ride rough and wear out my ball joints (upper and lower) and both inner and outter tie rod ends as well as the steering drop bracket that came with the BDS kit? cause it all wore out within a couple months and one weekend trail wheelin trip.
  15. haha if you part it out let me get the whole suspension on my blazer :]