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  1. Just finished it!!!!! Took maybe 30 mins, the longest part was making sure the lip was filed down and no shaving left over. Quicker responce on the get up. dosen't take as long to get up to the 3000rpm mark. Good little FREE upgrade. !!!!! Noticed the second pic was of after the piece was removed ....took a few mins to relize what i was looking at. IF you are thinking of doing this mod. I highly reccomend it!!!!!
  2. Steve, Thanks for a proper responce!!! gonna do this today. Thanks for the great write up!!!! cheers
  3. ya i have read the whole thing but if someone with GM experiance, or knowlage,why it was added. ok it restricts air flow at half open. but what was the change to add it???
  4. K i'm going to be doing this sometime today. Just a question first, what is the purpose for that part being there??? What year did that become standard on the 4.3's?? it was an add on but why and when?? Cheers thanks
  5. Mine would work some times but not others also. What i found was if its not working; open door Push down on the window button and "slam"the door shut. There is a build up of metal shaving inside the motor that just need to be moved around. It should work for a while.
  6. Do you have hanger bearings? And if so check them out.
  7. Looks good !!!! I did the same to my Blazer. Went all chrome for a bit but am going to go back to the black tonight. Just one sujestion you should paint your bowtie black. :judaspriest: It looks killer
  8. what about your sprayers?? i have heard that you can use the wal-mart blue light up ones because they are adjustable, just dont hook up the power wire and they work great. ( used on a friends truck w/ new hood) looking for clear corners, i got mine e-bay $10, $15 S+H Hood looks good :judaspriest: ....but billet?????
  9. Unless you are going 25-30kph ( dont know how fast that is in miles) maybe 15mph. you dont want it to drop down to 1st. 1st should be for taking off and 4x4ing. the 4.3L (should) have enough to get you going in 2nd. You get most of your power between 3000 rpm and 5000rpm. shifting down will just throw you into redline. not good. If you really want it to shift.......just put it down all the way. :judaspriest:
  10. yes eBay, it was like $70 last year. shipping to Canada was the killer. Should I go back to Black or stay with Chrome???? anyone .....
  11. But the rest is all black, with tinted windows too. :judaspriest:
  12. What do you guys think? Before:
  13. Why are shackles a temporary solution ???? Do they not last?
  14. Great job, looks good. How much was the mod?Why did you go with 48"? Could you have gone with another size??