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  1. Guys running 3.75-4.5 bs wheels only

  2. wait4me pcm tune question.

    Sweet thanks
  3. wait4me pcm tune question.

    Any updates on this?
  4. Guys running 3.75-4.5 bs wheels only

    BTW sorry for the long post... And if your wondering what im talking about Weld on bead locks http://www.rockstomper.com/catalog/wheels/beadlocks.htm
  5. Guys running 3.75-4.5 bs wheels only

    Im actually here looking for the exact answers the thread OP is trying to have laid out in front of everyone. Been google searching for 30 min or so and on ZR2forum for a good 30 min trying to get a good answer before I buy wheels. Id rather know in stone rather then have to take a loss either because I have to send them back for a different set, or sell them at a loss to afford a new set. My plan is to get a set of 15 inch steel rims so I can at some point buy a set of the "weld on your own bead locks...bead locks for steel rims" that are 15's so I can just use my same tires until the 80% of tread wears out. Then upgrade to 33's. As far as I know I dont have a T-bar crank but then again ive never touched them either. I planned on trimming already just because I want the clearance and its a truck not a show piece. And for the record...IDK if it makes a difference in all of this trimming talk just because mine never came with them when I bought the truck. But you guys should specify whether or not you are having to trim the flares or the actual fenders. I have never seen my truck with fender flares on it before and havent seen a ZR2 parked in like a wall mart parking lot or something so that I could compare it to mine. Also if your in here saying "well I run this and that, and dont have to trim. or I had to trim to fit those tires your lying...blah blah blah." I feel like my truck could handle 33's just fine with a 2 inch body lift. Now without one yeah I would rub but I feel like some trimming would prevent that. Alls im saying is. My thing started with wanting a 1 inch body lift to help when cleaning mud so that I could get it out from between the frame and body better. Then figured out the smallest they make is 2 inch body lifts. Then figured with that I could fit 33's easy as hell but my wheels would probably need to come out more to avoid rubbing the inside sidewall of those tires at full steer, and I think spacers are a weak link. I already planned on trimming just cause I hate the look of small wheel wells with big tires (like a 4 door Jeep XJ with 37's...the rear wheel well just looks stupid to me). And since I have somewhat brand new tires I can go ahead and get the rims/weld up bead locks and body lift and trim it all whenever I find a set of cheap wheeling 33's or replace my 31's.
  6. Actual dual exhaust...Better than Y-pipe???

    Im in a County in GA where I could basically just cut the pipe off behind the headers and dump them before it even reaches the Y pipe and I would be ok. No emissions checks or anything and plenty of people round these parts are running straight pipes. I just dont want it to be straight pipe loud. I understand what your saying though.
  7. Hello, kind of new member

    What kind of bumper/bar is this on the front?
  8. Thanks man im gonna look into this.
  9. Thanks guys. Thats the easy one. Now for the mirrors. Is there any that are a direct fit for our trucks? Well not necessarily a direct fit but something that looks stock and dosent require a stupid amount of modification.
  10. These are basically what I mean. With the lights IDK if I would want them all to be the amber color. Maybe two on the outside amber and the three in the middle white...But this gives you an idea of what im aiming for.
  11. Like the title says. I have a problem seeing everything I need to out of our little side mirrors. I feel like I wouldnt struggle so much to see everything if I had a set of mirrors from something like a dually. And yes I know I can just go to advanced auto parts and buy the mirrors and put them on myself...easy as pie. But Is there like a duramax swap or something I can do to make it look alot more stock and not just like I bought some mirrors from a K5 blazer and bolted them to my door. Also Im not sure exactly what the name of the lights im looking for are. But on alot of heavy duty trucks you see like 5-7 lights running across the top of the cab. IDK what those lights are called, and I could probably just go to the auto parts store and buy some off of the shelf. But has anyone done this before and maybe found an easy way to install a certain kind of light system?
  12. Rear bumper builders?

    If somebody will make you one I will buy one also. I have a 2001 GMC Sonoma ZR2. I am planning on adding a camper top to mine but also still need to be able to drop my tailgate down. If the tire carrier swings out so I could drop the tailgate (im thinking it would have to be atleast 100*). Preferably I would want it to open a full 180* so it can close and open and be parallel to the bumper if that makes sense. Also it would depend on price. No use in getting one made for a substantial amount of money if I can buy one cheaper.
  13. So I have been looking a exhaust kits for our trucks and everything follows the same Y-pipe standard the truck came with. Is there a reason why nobody runs a pipe coming from each header and then puts them to like an X, or H-pipe? It seems like it would create a better exhaust tone and better airflow. And for the record I live somewhere with no emissions whatsoever. I could just straight pipe it, but I would basically just run true duals to an X pipe then have 2 mufflers (one on each pipe). Anybody have an underbody shot of someone who has done this so I know the best way to route it? Or is there a bolt on kit or a reason why I shouldnt do this?
  14. Hello, kind of new member

    Welcome. Got any plans for the ZR2?
  15. Relocating important engine components to the cab?

    Thanks man I will read into the lowered truck thing since that could help me with the fiberglass fenders. The back of the truck bed may be a better option. I was reading somewhere on a different forum about how some batteries put off fumes and bad gasses and some are completely safe to mount inside the cab. Either way whatever route I go with the battery know that it will all be bolted down and secured way more than it would even need to be. Just incase Im out on the trail and have a serious roll over where I go tumbling down a hill or even something simple where I just fall on the side of the truck. It would have a steel frame with steel fasteners like it does under the engine bay. I would probably run a regular ratchet strap over it also just for the added security. My problem is. I am setting my vehicle up to be an expedition/exploration vehicle. And I would have a camper top on the truck bed I would have shelving units in to lift the floor above the wheel wells. That would give me a large area I could put a blow up mattress. So If I mounted them in the truck bed I would still be sleeping in there with them. Thats why I started looking into batteries that dont give off gases and fumes and stuff.

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