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    Chevy BlaZeR2
  1. On the left, right side is only in the UK. Txs for interest. Last updates, just for fun
  2. When time permit, I will see how to remove flare and check for prod number inside. For the time being all my investigations return to nothing, ZR2 is quiet rare in EU. GM looks as idiot...
  3. It looks like they are available in Canada. YOu have a part number SO the Euro flares are 3/4 of an invh wider than the american counterparts, so there has to be a Euro part number Unfortunately not for the time being. Looking foreward wih friend on French forum to get it... If possible. As I told you, there is no Chevy dealers in France anymore. I'm going to check with Opel dealers (German GM cars), they ensure Chevy services. Keep in touch !
  4. Yes !!! ZR2 with those flares and 31x10.5x15 tyres have a great look as like Now I'm looking to change my shock absorbers, original Bilstein are "tired" after 185.000 km (115.000 miles) . Any idea ?
  5. It looks like they are available in Canada.
  6. To find them I can't help you. There is no more Chevrolet dealer in France anymore, for my parts I order at Rockauto USA... I guess in Germany there is remaining dealers. May be ebay.de ? I will make a search for you.
  7. here we go ! I guess you'll find your answer, let me know. It's possible there are wider, because in France, by regulation, wheels must be covered by fender or flare. We can't customized as you can do in America...
  8. OK, I will do that tomorrow, here it's 10:30 PM...
  9. You're right, I will check often. Thanks for recommendation !
  10. I ran something like that for years. I finally broke down and bought the K&N kit because after years of rubbing the brake lines wore a hole in the tube because it wasn't really supported. You're right, I adjust it carefully to manage space between tube and brake line, clearance is ok. In case of I will set a small piece of rubber to ensure good protection.
  11. Hi Vanr, Is it this you are looking for ? If it is I will do other pics with measurement. Cheers !
  12. New mod today Before and after (or opposite... Can't manage photos sequence... )
  13. Will post some photo, tell me if it's ok.
  14. Thanks ! Some more pics : Headlight changed, turn indicator as well with Osram Nightbreaker bulbs, 200% efficiency up ! About rims, I swapped 20" (a bit too bling bling for me) with genuine ones. I prefer raw attitude instead of city car. When time and money permit i will paint them in black or dark grey. Today I just modified throttle body "free HP", and neutralized EGR valve. Result is AMAZING !
  15. Some pics :