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  1. Official: 2017 Colorado ZR2

    The "low" ground clearance and lack of A-arm skids are easily addressed by the aftermarket. The wheelbase will still compete with a Tacoma in extended or crew versions or even an extended cab Colorado vs a four door Jeep. The sticker shock of 46k is understandable but according to the Chevy site you can order a fairly basic model with the 2.8 duramax for 46k. Comparing to other trucks I would consider for an off roadable Dailey driver this thing kicks ass. The ability to get 28 mpg and be off road capable while still retaining a warranty is almost unheard of. This truck is ground breaking in a lot of ways and the first iteration isn't going to check off every box from the expectations category. If I can ever afford a 40k truck this one is easily at the top of the list for what I would want out of it.
  2. 1998 k1500 Z71

    Need to sell fast located in Wayne county, Illinois. Lot of new parts runs and drive excellent has 260k miles newer motor and transmission. 3 button 4x4 5.7l vortec. Not looking for trades need money for wedding. Asking $3500 for this site
  3. PA vs Zone

    Any reason to spend the extra $80 for the PA body lift over the zone(BDS) one? Based off of the pics some are showing the zone without the fuel filler neck but that can be had cheap.
  4. Rough country 2 inch install

    How much are you asking for one?
  5. Rough country 2 inch install

    I have the light grey interior unfortunately would much rather have the charcoal. Do you have any in that color?

    If you could, please take some pictures of the backside of the flare so we can see exactly what there is to work with
  7. Rough country 2 inch install

    Adjusted the keys down today and did a driveway alignment. Went down to 37 1/4 on both sides in the front and the rear settled at 37.5 on the passenger side and 37 on the driver so close enough. Seem to have got some ride quality back but I think the only way to make it feel even close to stock in going back to Bilstein shocks. If mine weren't starting to get pretty rusty on the bottom I would put them back on. For those keeping track of my height numbers I'm only 1 1/4 inches higher in front than when I started. If I had to do this over I would piece together my own kit. For those wanting to stay under 1 1/2 inches of crank which I recommend for every reason, I would get the rough country control arms, shackles, and rear sway bar brackets if you want to keep it. Then get the superlift long add a leaf if you have saggy leaves or want it for the help towing. New bilstein factory spec shocks and either rancho or rough country steering stabilizer. The rough country drop was not worth the hassle for the better angles unless you are cranking 2+ inches over stock. Had I known I wouldn't be able to stand the harsh ride cranked that high I would have skipped it. I will be buying new bilsteins next year I'm not a fan of how crappily the rcx shocks take medium to bigger bumps. For people who don't care about ride quality I highly recommend this whole kit. For those who do want a good ride still stay under the 1.5" mark and piece together the parts I mentioned and you should be pretty satisfied.

    Do they have a lip on the outside for 3m tape? If so you could use that and use self tappers on the inside of the fender on the lip. Or also use push clips. That's how a lot of the factory full size flares were mounted.
  9. Rough country 2 inch install

    Well I got it stock and ended up around 2.25 inches higher than that. Definitely needs to come down to at least 2 inches. If it's anything like my 05 there's a small break over area in the crank that will give me back a lot of ride quality or make it a lot worse. I think I'm already riding that line so when I get a day I'll be able to have it aligned after I'm going to be lowering the front.
  10. Rough country 2 inch install

    Took it out driving in the country yesterday and was not happy with the ride. Was on rough gravel roads and it about rattled my teeth out. On my 05 Silverado I had their leveling kit on I lowered the torsion bars down from 2.75-3 inches of lift to right at 2.5 and it rode 100 times smoother going to try that on the blazer from 2.25-2.5 down to 2 inches. Alignment guy wanted it back sometime this week to see how everything was holding so may be able to tweek it and run it up to his shop. Other than that been happy with kit so far. Might be looking into the "longer" bilsteins from supreme suspension next year when I redo my front end. On pavement it rides okay but I can't handle the ride on rough roads not to mention the interior squeaked bad enough before.

    They look like quality and have a very reasonable price. Wish they would offer a bushwhacker style with pocket bolts since they went through all the trouble of making molds and putting them into production.
  12. Rough country 2 inch install

    Thanks and yeah after I get married next year and that's all paid for I'm going to do a 2 inch body lift and wheels and tires. other current plans for sure are Receiver hitch raptor line whole bottom side and flares Tinting the windows new headlights and black bowtie hunter brush guard, receiver shackles and 20 inch light bar 2 flush mounts led pods in rear bumper have local machine shop make some bushings for spare tire carrier and raptor line it buy a bezel and install the double din pioneer I've had forever front end will be rebuilt before I do 33's with one ton idler and flaming river u joint Hidden winch mount and undecided winch bravada shaft and tube if I can ever find one in a junk yard around here For sure sure to be done before the end of the year will be full tune up, change all fluids, new cv shafts (soon) black bow tie, window tint, flush mounts in rear bumper and receiver shackles.
  13. Rough country 2 inch install

    Snapped a few quick pictures earlier. It doesn't look level but my driveway is everything but flat. Definitely added a nice noticeable amount of lift and overall I'm pretty satisfied with the product. I will note the rough country steering stabilizer was a super nice upgrade from the stock one with 200k+ miles. It firmed up the steering a lot and covered up some slop I was feeling. Really expected a harsher ride from cranking the bars and my previous experience with the cheap RC shocks but it rides about as nice as a stock full size which I think I almost prefer.
  14. Rough country 2 inch install

    Got everything finished up but the skid plates. Going to leave those off until I get new cv shafts in a few weeks both the inner boots are broke on mine. Doing the shackles went about how I expected lt. a lot of cussing and hammering but my bushing were still good and after turning the bolts and beating on them with the nut screwed on they all came free. PB blaster or any lube is a must if you wanna install this kit. The add a leaves went in fairly easy had to cut them down about 2 inches like I saw on another thread because I kept burning up drill bits trying to drill a new center pin hole. Final ride height is just over 38 inches up front and 38 and 37 and 3/4 on the rear fenders from the ground to top center. Everything should settle out I'm hoping within a 1/2 inch. Drove it to get aligned where it's currently at now and was pretty impressed with the ride I expected it to be a lot harsher. Felt kind of boaty over some bumps which is thought was weird but will report back in a few weeks with how it settles out. Here's a pic of the old vs new shackles and a pic of the shackle on the driver side I mutilated trying to get out before I finally caved and dropped the charcoal box which once again wish I would have just done from the get go
  15. Rough country 2 inch install

    You don't have to crank the torsion bars to using the diff drop brackets but I would only recommend this is you are getting the whole kit and never planning on a real lift. Doing the diff drops bracket was a lot of hassle for the same cv angles as a 1-1.5 torsion crank while actually having your bars cranked 2-2.5 inches. If you have dreams of a 5 or 6 inch lift skip the rough country lift due to how involved it is for what little you gain.

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