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  1. You don't have to crank the torsion bars to using the diff drop brackets but I would only recommend this is you are getting the whole kit and never planning on a real lift. Doing the diff drops bracket was a lot of hassle for the same cv angles as a 1-1.5 torsion crank while actually having your bars cranked 2-2.5 inches. If you have dreams of a 5 or 6 inch lift skip the rough country lift due to how involved it is for what little you gain.
  2. Yeah I said in my first post that was planned for later on. Can't afford to do everything I want to do to the Z right now so I have to be patient... which is hard. Doesn't look like I'll be working on it today possibly tomorrow night after I get back from taking my daughter to the zoo.
  3. Today I dropped the lower CA's and pulled the cv shafts and diff. Then cut the diff and put the new bracket on and reinstalled the diff. Dropping that differential was the single most aggravating thing I've done in years. Tried to save myself some work by not dropping the steering linkage but I was a fool. It would have saved me at least an hour and a lot of grief. I also bent the lower bracket out of the way and bending it back without a way to heat it up was tough. Ended have a buddy come over to help me get it back in. I honestly think it's impossible for an average to do that alone. Of course had i dropped the steering it would have been a lot easier. Didn't take any pics and I'm sorry but I was pissed off for 5 hours straight at that thing. I'm probably 7-8 hours total in on this already and still have about 2 more to go on the front no idea how much trouble I will have with the back. I'm not getting in a hurry though either and trying to take my time and not make any mistake or break anything. Have to to pick up new bands to hold the cv boots on before I go any further and clean up the seating area on the boots and axles. Then I'll finally to get put all the shiny new parts on.
  4. Add a leafs came in today they are longer than I thought they would be which is a pleasant surprise. Looks like I should be able to put them right under the main leaf. Also picked up a 36 mm socket, some locktite, and new sway bar end links. Hopefully going to be able to start working on it again in a few hours. pic of the leaves
  5. Thanks for the info Jderek I'll have to put those on my list. Went ahead and started the lift tonight but had to stop because I don't have a 35 mm socket. Going to try and pick one up tomorrow along with some locktite. Got the old shocks and control arms out so far and spray painted the frame. Looks decent for not being able to wire wheel it. Torsion bars have been out before I think because they had grease on them and I slid them by hand to get the keys out. My sway bar end links bolts bolts were seized together. Some one had tried to remove them before because the nuts were gone off both sides. I ended up having to use a sawzall to cut them off. Starting measurements from fender to floor were 36" on both front fenders and drivers rear was 35" and pass side 34.5" hopefully the misses will let me work on tomorrow for a few hours and I can get the front lift all done. Reading all the horror stories about replacing shackles is making me nervous about doing the rear. Also never have done shackles or an add a leaf before only blocks so it will be a learning curve at first.
  6. Got the kit in today everything looks good, control arms have a couple of small places where the powder coat is trying to chip but not a big deal. Ordered the steering stabilized, shock boots, and their torsion bar tool as well. Still waiting on the superlift add a leafs and when I get off a day off work I can finally start to the lift. Took the skid plates off the off the front today and power washed the undercarriage and am seriously impressed with how little rust this thing has. All the z's around here are usually rotted and this thing has over 200k and very little rust let alone scale and rot. Started soaking everything in PB blaster. From what I can tell the shackles are the only thing not rubber that actually could used replacing. Also noticed I don't have a hitch, could have swore it had one 🤔 Guess it's a good excuse to buy a new one down the road from a 94-97 after the body lift if I can go that long without needing one.
  7. Thanks for the heads up I'm expecting a stiff ride the first 6-12 months with the add a leaf and rough country shocks. I had the 2.5 kit on my 05 1500 and it took about 6-8 months for the shocks to "loosen up". Also hoping the extra weight in the rear of the blazer will keep the stiffness down though I may haul a few hundred pounds of something back there for a few months to help wear everything in. What would be the advangtage of those bump stops you listed over the progressive style mounts from the rear of a full size? also if the shocks are too rough still down the road Supreme Suspensions has listed on their site "longer" bilsteins for a torsion key lift but I'm wondering if they are actually longer or just advertising as that and selling the stock size. Do the z's have longer shocks than a stock s10? If so I'm wondering if they are listing zr2 spec shocks as "longer" ones for their s10 leveling kits.
  8. I did a bunch of research before I bought my first big bunch of tools last year and everywhere I found said that the harbor freight Pittsburgh pro line was the same or better than craftsman and at the same or cheaper price point and also has a lifetime warranty. So I ended up with the 300 piece kit from harbor freight, the harbor freight 42" roller cabinet, full set of their short and deep well impact sockets and some other odds and ends. Have been really happy with everything so far after about a year. Haven't broken any tools and have less than $1k in a full spread of sockets and ratchets, various other tools, and bought a 36 piece set of wrenchs from craftsman when they were on sale as every review I read said they still had a lot better wrenches. Also got one of those pass through style socket sets from craftsman 5 or 6 years ago I have used and abused the crap out of and would another again if I had to. Comes in a suit case style case so easy to pack in a vehicle and have changed multiple flat tires with it. For power tools I just bought the 8 piece porter cable kit from a place online refurbished for $275. Was by far and away the best deal I found and all of the tools are pretty well the same quality of the DeWalt tools I was using when I worked for a contractor on the side last year. I ended up buying the 1/2 inch impact gun a month ago and it is a beast. It's the best bang for the buck I've spent so far at $100 and it is more powerful than several of the air impacts I've used though I've only used it on lug nuts so far but it breaks them lose as soon as you pull the trigger (on a 3/4 ton duramax). Would recommend everything I've bought so far to anyone who isn't using their tools to make money except for harbor freights grease gun. It's fickle and only works when it wants to even after taking it back and exchanging it and bleeding the air multiple times.
  9. Yeah tried to do some digging and found one forum where a guy mentioned they were close to 60 lbs a tire which seems more in line with everyone saying toyo's are a super heavy tire. Checked their website and they don't list a weight.
  10. Hey guys ordered the rough country 2 inch and the superlift add a leafs for my new 2001 blazer2. Will be updating later with picks of before and after and thoughts on the lift. It's currently all stock and sagging 1-2 inches in the rear and after 206k miles I would say it's expected. It's a 5 speed with the iron front diff which I don't really want to cut but I will not sink $2k into a lift kit for a vehicle not even worth twice that. Overall big plans down the road for a 2 inch BL and 33's but while I'm still driving it everyday it's just getting the rcx 2 inch for now. Also bought it with brand new yokahoma geolander at's I need to wear down. Phase 2 will I'll come before the end of the year and I will be upgrading the bump stops from a full size and doing the one ton idler and flaming river u-joint along with a front end rebuild only thing bad right now is an upper ball joint and either the rag joint or steering box is sloppy. Should have everything here and installed with a lot of pics in the next week or 2.
  11. Anybody running these tires? Amazon says they weigh around 32.4 bs while the KM2 of the same size is about 46 lbs also according to amazon. Toyo's have an amazing track record and at the same price point and about 13 lbs lighter I think I'm going to be giving these a try especially considering the stock size ko2s are 43 lbs. that's like losing 40 pounds of unsprung weight and still getting a bigger and more aggressive tire. Would really like like to hear from someone running these on a Z though about their thoughts on them. The toyo the KM2 31/10.5r15 bfg at ko2 (43 lbs)
  12. That's what I'm getting at guys that want to run 31's if you only had to crank and shackle then show us. Guys on 33's if you did the Rcx and a 2 inch bl then by all means show us. If you did a 3 inch bl and slight crank Post the pictures, tell us about the trimming, what complications did you run into and how did you solve them? Make a freaking go to thread. Don't stop here do it for a lot more stuff. There are some good ones already so let's fill in the stuff that doesn't get as much attention as replacing motor mounts or fitting 33/10.5's on stock wheels.
  13. So what about all guys running Camero wheels? That won't work?
  14. I also should clarify if you look through threads like the ultimate black wheel thread for example you see guys asking "hey what lift are you running or what back space?" And they never answer. That's a pretty common thing on here along with guys saying they are gonna start a build with all these plans and they don't do it so nobody else can see or understand how all that stuff would look put together. I just think this is a could be a good starting point for guys who wanna run Camero or 2wd wheels
  15. Not looking for a good way. Just the ways people have come up with. Everybody says a lot of things have been beat to death on this forum but you have to spend an hour of not better looking through pages to find info on a topic and only find a few comments here or there. On the other forums Im a member of like full size Chevy and silveradosierra there's a lot more info about the same topic and there's a lot more threads focused on single topics and there are filled with info. I was just trying to do that here. I get that it's a "bad thing" but not everybody is looking for a show truck or something they take to off road parks. I bought my zr2 because my first car was a 4 door blazer and I've loved them ever since and this thing is perfect for going to hunting and fishing spots and going to the local trails with my buddies. And I'm okay with having a trail rig not a trophy truck. This thing was $6000 not $60k.