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    Chevy BlaZeR2
  1. Hi! Thanks for inputs. Ordered injector spider, lets see if thing gets fixed. Losing 2.5 secs in 0-60 acceleration and having 13 mpg i/o 15mpg in the city is worth trying a fix.
  2. Hi again! Cat not to blame, thats been checked. Having done a bit more testing found that likely ecm/ignition are ok. Apparently injectors dont make the right mix and ecm sets safe ignition to avoid knock. So more like injector problem now. Any ideas about the cause or how to fix ?
  3. Hi again! Cat not to blame, thats been checked. Having done a bit more testing found that likely ecm/ignition are ok. Apparently injectors dont make the right mix and ecm sets safe ignition to avoid knock. So more like injector problem now. A
  4. Hi everybody! Investigating slow acceleration on my Zr2Blazer. Truck is 2002, all stock, very low-miles, around 10k now. Runs fine but slow in acceleration, 0-60 12 sec, some 2-3 sec slower than normal. Been tested, throws no codes, all hardware, sensors and circuits seem fine, cat converter like new. Noticed that ignition timing angle is constant during acceleration and believe it has to shift to advanced timing. Think this is the reason but not sure. Initial timing set properly. Logic suggests to look into ECM. Local shops cant handle so only option available is to buy new ECM, install and see if any change. Before i do it wonder if something else could be the reason. Apppreciate any thoughts. Thanks in advance, Andrey.
  5. Hi everybody! Following fruitless efforts of searching for malfunction making my Blazer slow came to conclusion that it's slow by nature. Read about supercharging options and seems like Wynjammer is the easiest power boost option around. A question : if i go for it, should i do some mods or retune fuel/ignition systems or i can just install the thing and get extra power? Frankly handymen in my country not too skilled so the easier the task - the better. I would rather get less horses but make less mods. And one more question : does kit intstallation require any mods that would get engine difficult to restore to stock condition? I dont know how the thing will perform so at some point might want to make it stock again. Appreciate any helpful advice.
  6. Interesting. Means with some wear it might get better by itself? I am making 13.5 mpg in city and 18 highway, all in relatively peaceful driving mode. What is variable speed input by the way?
  7. Re fuel in our country we run 92 octane so its good enough. After all got 4 other american rigs, all running fine on our fuel. For example got 95 bronco 5.8 without any mods : it's lot heavier and got only 20 hp more than my blazer but noticeably quicker and making 0-60 run 1 sdc quicker than blazer
  8. Well the thing has been very well kept before i bought it. Anycase filter is like new, no obstruction at air intake. Something else must be the cause. Actually see many threads re slow blazers without finding a fix. Looks like some blazers just come slow drom the factory and that's what they will be for the whole of their life. Things like sparks and ignition spider been checked, all works just fine.
  9. Did u buy it new? If so - was it same slow when u bought it?
  10. Hi everybody! A question from overseas Blazer owner. Bought lo-miles 2002 ZR2 Blazer in USA from collector with only 2000 miles and brought to my country. Beautiful like-new condition but SLOW. 0-60 acceleration is a mere 11 secs. On highway barely achieves top speed ot 95 mph. For the latter speed limiter is a suspect although the truck strguggles to achieve this speed. it does not feel like sudden shutdown of fuel : at such speed truck shifts from 3rd to 4th gear and just does not have enough torque to keep speed at 4th, so the gearbox keeps shifting 3rd and 4th gears back-and-forth witthout further acceleration. Also mpg is slightly inferior than that declared by the factory : 13.8 city and 17.5 hway as opposed to 15/20. Otherwise highway driving at speeds over 75 mph is quite a struggle. Basically feels like a good 4-cylinder engine under the hood but v6 gotta be quicker. Problem is that it is essentially a brand-new car without wear, everything stock as it came from the factory. Engine runs and idles smooth, gear shits also smooth and when they have to be, engine revs upto designed rpm, all gears are working, wheels rotate freely, no engine codes, virgin exhaust catalyst, new spark plugs, etc. Even been tested by local workshops and nothing suspicious found to indicate any problem. Anybody got a clue? My gut feeling is that such relatively light truck with 190hp should be more agile, got couple of other rigs to compare with. Appreciate any bright ideas as nobody here has a clue
  11. Good, many thanks for help. Issue solved then
  12. Many thanks, will check for that. Will try to find somebody in our country capable of handling the computer, Blazers are rare here. Just for my guidance : why would this specific truck be programmed this way ? What's the purpose of programming car like this ?
  13. Everybody hi again! 2 months of fixing problems but still not all eliminated. Rear brake pistons replaced, now not sticking but truck didnt get a lot faster. Mechanics fixed some bug in the engine, something related to ignition distributor and/or ignition electronics. So engine is alive again, good acceleration now. But still not making more than 95 mph so transmission is the suspect now. Been driving with tester connected and been shown that 4th gear is enganing fine. When engine was weak it felt like truck had no power to keep high speed at 4th gear so it was shifting from 4th back to 3rd gear. Now the feeling is as if gearbox electronics trying to find 5th gear and not finding one. Truck got standard 3.73 axles and previous owner swears not been playing with axles ratios. Anybody having a clue ?
  14. Actually just discovered rear wheels not rotating freely even on neutral transfer case. So this would be the first thing to check ; maybe some power goes to overcome extra friction. This is the topic for other category then. By the way seems G80 differential indeed does not last ; one unfortunate snow trap, a little bit of slippage, a slight cranking sound and it does not engage anymore )))
  15. Hello everybody! Thanks for inputs. Actually i am from Ukraine and truck is here. Had heavy snowfalls and long holidays here so still could not make it to mechanic. I also don't believe in clogged cat theory ; would expect something to rattle there at least. Poor fuel quality always suspected in our country and i heard rumors of cats failing immediately on shifting to local fuel. However my experiences show anything american not senstitive to fuel : run 3 other american trucks and none ever had a problem on fuel. T