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  1. Ok cool thanks a million was just nervous didnt think you where wrong or anything..just needed that re assurance lol...thanks again!
  2. So im getting ready to get that 4.3 from the 99 or 98 Silverado... Are we super sure it will work?
  3. Ok cool.. I have brand spankin new ac delco injector spider in blown engine. Not a week old... This weekend i start labeling wires n stuff removing ac alt. Radiator Ect and start tearing the engine out....first however ill be cleaning my polebarn so no chaos with shit laying everywhere.. Haha... Gotta borrow a cherry picker too
  4. The upgradable warranty is 5 year unlimited dont matter how or why the engine fails..covers labor rental..it's 350.00 though but might be worth it.
  5. The powertrain has a upgradable on them. They had more positive than all others.... They all had bad reveiws but these guys had way more good ones
  6. So use my intake exhaust injectors valve covers ect right?
  7. No noise never knocked ticked nothing..had good power too. It just went boom
  8. Thinking strongly on a powertrain brand engine.
  9. Not sure..looks like a rod hit it you can see a shiny spot on a rod in the pict but its not sticking dowm... So not sure
  10. Had 150 k on it. Never knocked ticked nothing. 70 mph at just over 2k rpms. Pil pressure was just above 40. Boom thought i hit something till i seen smoke puring out. Drove it 1/4 mile to pull over then was knocking like hell and oil pressure was gone.. Sucks.. I may go with a reman but hear shitty bout jasper.. Hear more good. From powertrain engines... Any advice for a reman? Ya a 5.3 or ls1 would be great bit need it faster than that and my know how aint there for a fast v8 swap
  11. 2003 blazr2. Blew bottom of the oil pan right out. Will post picts... This vehicle has the X vin. I have a line on a supposed good 4.3 rebuilt with 20k on it. From a 99 Silverado. Question is will that work in the 03 and if so what do i have to do computer wise?
  12. So the shop did a timely diagnostic. He said needs new central fueil injector. Coil 1 and 3 are burnt .They wanted to put in standard brand spider...they wanted $800.00 for the delphi i can get for 350!!! They wanted 375 for the crap one... Im paying the diag. Fee of 58 and having my old wrench much further away do it. He will get me the delphi for about 20 bucks more than my cost....
  13. Cool thanks guy. I took her in to a shop to get better diagnosed before i go replacing parts till i find the issue. The p0200 and p0300 are pretty vague codes. Hope its something simple. I figure a $13k scanner can pinpoint better than my $35.00 pocket scan lol
  14. Thanks jderekt !!
  15. so Im looking at parts and numbers. all I can find from ac/delco are individual injectors... BWD had the whole spider.. BUT I see AC/ Delco upgraded spiders for up to 2002... that makes me think it is the same as in a 2003 2004 ect. here are a a couple ac delco part numbers.... 217-3028 v6 injector kit... thats the whole spider but everywhere I look it cuts off at 2002.. then there is the ac/dleco SINGLE injector part number c1000147942acd ... or ... 217-1516.... ... so if anyone knows if the assembly will work in the 03 or if anyone knows if ther BWD brand is any good please chime in.... gee this would be a lot easier if it where on my 00 z