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  1. Thanks for the suggestions; I'll take it to my friend's collision and alignment shop. The left front tire wore down bald on the outside edge, too. Thinking maybe a ball joint gone bad. He makes better money at fixing those things than me.
  2. So the 3rd door on my 2003 zr2 doesn't want to shut tight anymore; tired of fooling with it and don't really use it anymore. Someone told me to get a door pillar kit that shuts it permanently. Have any of y'all heard of such a thing? I've never seen one before.
  3. That's what I'll add to the list for my wrencher;Thanks,man !
  4. When I start my truck,I can hear the fuel system prime up;once she's running though,there's a high pitched whining noise coming from the fuel tank right behind the driver side cab.Last time the tank was serviced,the tank pressure sensor was replaced.It's been suggested also that this could be a leak in the emissions system hoses(smoke test mentioned here).Soon's the key is turned off,so is the whining noise.Whaddaya think,Z Army ?
  5. Cool,thanks for sharing your info and help !
  6. Who did you buy this kit from and how much,babydeuce? I'd like to put this on my '03 Zr2,along with a AEP custom air intake kit at some point
  7. Mine's been low as 10mpg,and high as 21;Amazing how an o2 sensor can do that-lol! Currently,I can squeeze out about 300 miles on a tank,just driving around town.Haven't done a highway mpg test yet,since I rarely drive too far out of town.Average:16mpg,which seems normal,according to those more versed on here regarding this topic.
  8. Welcome aboard ! Great looking truck there !
  9. Check out for a versatile 4 in 1 setup;it's a welder,plasma cutter,brazer,and surface treater all in one unit.Runs on 110vac and 100% duty cycle.Uses water vapor/alcohol mixture I/o argon for shielding gas.$1995.00 + tax.I'm savin' up for one !
  10. Welcome aboard,Robert ! Forrest from Indiana said it .
  11. Don't have any pics yet,but pull a 5x8 ramp trailer,hauling lumber and lawn tractor sometimes;Have an aluminum receiver toter for the snowblower.I keep 2 big truck tow straps in the cab for snatchin vehicles out of ditches and drifts during wintertime .
  12. Mine's an extended cab 3 door,btw.3rd door is a pain to open.The bottom latch and striker need replaced,along with the handle mechanism;likes to stay open,so I hafta push it back down.probably a spring issue there.
  13. My driver side door leaks sometimes towards the front pillar,too.Looks like it may be the weatherstrip,where there's a little depression in it.Funny I can go through the carwash,and it doesn't leak,but when it does,it's driving in the rain !
  14. Timken bearings have been around for years; we used them at the railroad shop on trucks and locomotives.More expensive than some,but quality second to none !I've had good service with remans in the past;just a matter of how much you can afford to pay.
  15. Welcome aboard !great group here,man.