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  1. My factory keyless remote quit working suddenly

    From what I've seen on the net,average price is around $200,thereabouts.
  2. My factory keyless remote quit working suddenly

    Okay,I found the bcm module(over the center console,under the dash panel,on the heater box).I disconnected the negative cable on the battery(good thing,it was corroded),cleaned it,disconnected all 3 cables from the bcm for a couple of minutes,plugged them back in,reconnected the battery,and voila! Got everything back but the headlight sensor for now.So now I know it's the bcm module acting up.The battery,alternator,and starter are all good.Eventually, I'll replace the module.Original p/n has been superseded with a 1900 series p/n.
  3. My factory keyless remote quit working suddenly

    I'll check it out and see.My battery tested weak one static load test.probably needs replaced,seeing it's 3-4 years old and was a cheapie.
  4. My factory keyless remote quit working suddenly

    The battery seems ok,Kevin; it doesn't seem to have problems starting the truck,although sometimes,the connection goes haywire and makes that clittering noise.After tightening down on the terminal connections,it goes back to normal.I'm wondering if there isn't something in the main brain box that controls these things going haywire.think I'll do a load test on the battery to be sure;it's been in there awhile....
  5. My factory keyless remote quit working suddenly

    And now the cab light doesn't work.This is getting interesting; All the automatic stuff isn't working.Checked all the fuses,and they seem fine.Wonder if it's something in the main brain box?
  6. My factory keyless remote quit working suddenly

    I noticed that the automatic headlight function quit,too,but at least I can turn.them on manually.Haven't noticed anything else amiss beyond these two items.
  7. My factory keyless remote quit working suddenly

    No,the windows and door locks work fine.Just something with the remote function.
  8. My factory keyless remote quit working suddenly

    Tried 3x with no results.The locks cycled,but the module apparently has a memory issue.
  9. My factory keyless remote quit working suddenly

    Sorry for the late reply(trucking does that to one). I tried reprogramming it,and the electric windows/locks all work fine,hence suspecting the receiver module.I'm currently trying to locate it,but proving a little cumbersome.Is it near the obd plug,or somewhere else?
  10. So my key fob quit locking/unlocking the doors suddenly. I replaced the fob battery,and tested the fob at O'Reilly auto parts.The fob is transmitting fine,but no go on locking/unlocking doors.Could the receiver module have gone south?Checked all the fuses and they're fine.Appreciate your help as always !
  11. 3rd door pillar kit

    Thanks for the suggestions; I'll take it to my friend's collision and alignment shop. The left front tire wore down bald on the outside edge, too. Thinking maybe a ball joint gone bad. He makes better money at fixing those things than me.
  12. 3rd door pillar kit

    So the 3rd door on my 2003 zr2 doesn't want to shut tight anymore; tired of fooling with it and don't really use it anymore. Someone told me to get a door pillar kit that shuts it permanently. Have any of y'all heard of such a thing? I've never seen one before.
  13. High pitched whining noise from fuel tank

    That's what I'll add to the list for my wrencher;Thanks,man !
  14. When I start my truck,I can hear the fuel system prime up;once she's running though,there's a high pitched whining noise coming from the fuel tank right behind the driver side cab.Last time the tank was serviced,the tank pressure sensor was replaced.It's been suggested also that this could be a leak in the emissions system hoses(smoke test mentioned here).Soon's the key is turned off,so is the whining noise.Whaddaya think,Z Army ?

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