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  1. Hey everyone, I am looking for some advice on part numbers. The information in the forums varies greatly. I wanted to replace the Bilstein's on the girlfriends 05 ZR2 and I am lost. I have found no less than a dozen part numbers and I believe I have only really confirmed the front part numbers. My search started at Synergy Front - 24-014120 which some sites say is a Sport shock and some say is a HD shock. Either way that part number shows up more often than any other part number. For the Rear it gets tricky. Synergy lists a 24-014137 which is listed as a sport shock everywhere else and a 33-187532 which is listed as a non ZR2 everywhere else. I wanted to stay with what I believe were the HD shocks unless there is a reason to change. Shockwarehouse lists the same front but the rear is a 24-018197 which is the same number on Bilstein's site. The odd thing about 24-018197 is you have to go back to a 2002 ZR2 to find that part number on any other site. I have part numbers from a half a dozen other sites as well. I am told and have read on mulitple forums there is no difference in ZR2 shocks for any year. I wish I could find a data sheet with the extended and collasped lengths with travel. Bilstein doesn't seem to support any of these part numbers. So far I have for the Front # B46-1852-HO (not found on any site) 24-014120 (most common #, likely correct HD #) 24-187831 (not sure what this is for) Rear # 24-014137 (lists as a sport shock on most sites and forums) 33-187532 (lists as a non ZR2 on most sites) 24-018197 (shows up on Bilstein site but most sites have to go to a 2002 ZR2 to get this part #) 24-014137 (shows up on a few sites) I believe 24-014137 will be the correct size but I am unsure of the "Sport" rating. I think if I could find out what is different between that # and 24-018197 which some sites say is a sport and others say is a HD shock I might have a better idea of what to order. Anyhelp would be great.